Friday, June 2, 2017

Progressives have nothing left to offer

So I'm on facebook reading all the threads about Kathy Griffin and her "press conference" today where she starts blaming others for her misfortune. (the whole sordid thing is at the link above)
Pretty much the consensus is that she brought it on herself and disbelief that she is trying to find blame elsewhere.
Which seems to be a popular thing to do what with Hillary pinning the blame for her loss on everyone but.

Anyway I digress.

A few misguided but brave souls appeared in the threads and proceeded to try and defend Griffin by using the Ted Nugent equivalency.

Well I pointed out that most normal people don't depend on Ted Nugent to shape their political views but progressives slobber uncontrollably over the wisdom spewed by comedians and that is the difference.

The response was a diatribe of insults about me where I lived and what sex acts I wanted to perform with the Donald.
The last took me by surprise cause I thought progressives were cool with gay sex. I guess they are unless they can use it as an insult.

Anyway it occurred to me that progressives aren't even trying to make a persuasive argument anymore. When Trump won the election it's like something just completely snapped.
Now all we get is name calling, beheading photos and gay slurs.

It's like they think if they keep sputtering and screaming and pulling their hair out that the whole country will change it's mind, throw Trump out and inaugurate Hillary making things all right in the world.
Kind of childish huh?

I honestly don't see how this could work, not for 2018 and not for 2020, As time goes on the loci of this behaviour will get smaller and smaller just out of pure exhaustion with the hate and despair.

Progressives are finally committing suicide of their cause and this could be a good thing. Common sense may again prevail.

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