Wednesday, May 20, 2015

On the Death of Free Speech

This is a really good article on the lefts attempt to control free speech using agenda politics.

LGBT Activists Arm For Further War On Free Speech
Kirsten Powers’ new book, “The Silencing,” nails it by showing just how bad things have gotten for free speech in America. It’s going to get a whole lot worse, and I’ll explain why.

Powers has dubbed today’s intolerant purveyors of leftist causes the “the illiberal left” because, as a liberal herself, she sees them as anything but liberal about allowing a voice to those who don’t toe their rigid line. Her book catalogues and analyzes the dehumanization and demonization techniques the illiberal Left applies towards anyone who dares to veer from their rigid narratives. Their sacred cows include abortion, climate change, same-sex marriage, and second-wave feminism. Dissenters are systematically smeared and destroyed.

There is no small irony in the fact that the crazed reaction from the illiberal Left to Powers’ book demonstrates the very behaviors and attitudes she critiques. Social media immediately erupted with a hate-fest and swarmed Powers on Twitter, in exactly the manner described in her book. It’s yet another exercise in promoting groupthink and suppressing freedom of expression by those who want to tell us all what we must think.

But I would add that most of this is coming straight out of the Left’s holy of holies: the LGBT lobby (whose agenda Powers happens to support.) Because next up on the LGBT hit parade is the literal silencing of America—with the force of the federal government behind it.~snip~
I really don't think it matters to the commie/left which cause they can use to create laws stifling speech just so long as they can find a way to stop people from saying things they don't like for "social justice" to create hate speech laws.

Once that happens the doors are open to anything deemed hateful and then we'll see people censoring their own thoughts out of fear that they will articulate them. The idea that our society seems to be OK with this is really what's alarming.

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