Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tea Party Kicking Ass

Just read this online, lets make RINO's an endangered species this year.

Texas GOP chooses tea party-backed Cruz for Senate
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- Tea party darling Ted Cruz convincingly defeated the Republican establishment favorite, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, in Texas' runoff election Tuesday, capturing the GOP nomination to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison as fiercely conservative voters shook one of America's reddest states to its political core.
The race had been closely watched nationally as one of the nation's most-vivid contrasts between the GOP mainstream and grassroots, conservative activists. But as results began to pour in, it turned out to be no contest. Cruz grabbed early leads in key cities around the state where Dewhurst had once enjoyed stronger name recognition, fundraising and political organization just weeks earlier.
Having an "R" next to your name isn't enough, the establishment Republican party can offer us real alternatives to the "go along-get along" squishy RINO or they can fade into obscurity.

Pesky Patriots

Why can't we all just shut up and do as we're told?

Maybe because as Phelps says:
"That is dedicated to veterans and military, police, firefighters, EMTs - all those people that daily put their lives on the line for us ... That's what it's dedicated to. And if you're going to call that a Christmas decoration or something, then I'm sorry, I don't want to be around you. You're not in my country."
The people that put their lives on the line for us every day need to be remembered and honored and sometimes it's worth taking a stand to be able to do just that.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Abandoning "Hope and Change" Dems go for Gay Marriage

So with unemployment staying stagnant at 8% and above for over three years and women and minorities being hardest hit along with the GDP shrinking towards a dribble ,finally the democratic party has a platform that they can really get behind.

Democrats Draft Gay Marriage Platform

Democrats appear ready to embrace same-sex marriage as part of their party platform, a policy shift that reflects an expanded acceptance of gay rights in mainstream politics.
The move would place the party in line with the beliefs of President Obama, who in May became the first sitting president to declare that gay men and lesbians should be able to marry.
Democratic Party officials had squabbled over the issue in the past. But at a platform-drafting meeting over the weekend in Minneapolis, they approved the first step to amend their platform, placing the amendment on track for adoption. In two weeks, the entire platform committee will vote at a meeting scheduled in Detroit. Then, if approved as expected, it would go before convention delegates in Charlotte, N.C., for final passage in early September
Glad to see they got their priorities straight. I guess since they can't seem to do anything about the other stuff they decided to give up on improving the economy and go to something else their good at whining about.

I mean what could be better than having gay married couples join the ranks of families losing their jobs, running out their unemployment insurance benefits, go on food stamps, lose their homes and end up living in over crowded shelters or on the streets?

There's some "equality" for you.

So...How Awesome is Allen West?

Pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) visited Chicago on Monday and took the opportunity to re-inject himself into an ongoing debate over Chick-fil-A and the fast food chain president's comments about gay marriage.
“I had to come up from down South because I wanted to try to open up a Chick-fil-A franchise here in Chicago,” West said in an interview with CNBC's Rick Santelli from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade.
His office later told Politicker that he was only "joking" about looking into opening a Chick-fil-A franchise, but the implications of his comments were clear nonetheless.
And of course the liberal response to this little bit of humour?

Which just goes to show that liberals have zero tolerence for the funny, which is odd seeing how they can't see the comedy behind them being so stupid.

Obama's One Term Proposition

I don't think this can be viewed enough by the voters, Even Obama said if he couldn't fix the economy he should only serve one term.
In an interview with Matt Lauer in the beginning of his presidency, Barack Obama said he should only serve one term if he could not fix the economy.
Does the economy feel fixed to you?

Nanny Bloomberg Restricts Baby Bottles

Cue the "running amuck" video ....Mayor Bloomberg is at it a

NYC mayor wants hospitals to lock up baby formula to encourage breast-feeding
The nanny state is going after moms.
Mayor Bloomberg is pushing hospitals to hide their baby formula behind locked doors so more new mothers will breast-feed.
Starting Sept. 3, the city will keep tabs on the number of bottles that participating hospitals stock and use — the most restrictive pro-breast-milk program in the nation.

Under the city Health Department’s voluntary Latch On NYC initiative, 27 of the city’s 40 hospitals have also agreed to give up swag bags sporting formula-company logos, toss out formula-branded tchotchkes like lanyards and mugs, and document a medical reason for every bottle that a newborn receives.
There's no doubt in my mind that breast feeding is good for baby's but does government have to poke their nose into something as trivial as counting baby bottles?
I know my wife was exhausted after labor and getting a break just to get some rest was really appreciated.

I suppose with NYC having full employment and a minuscule crime rate Bloomberg doesn't have a whole lot to do.......oh wait!
They have neither of those things.
I think it's time for Nanny Bloomberg to occupy himself with running the city.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Really? Wasserman Schultz Spins GDP Report

If this is what the DNC considers a turn around then there is no doubt that this country needs new leadership that doesn't have a democrat in it in any way shape or form.
If things are so great then why did CBS's 60 minutes rediscover homelessness again tonight?
Even the lick-spittle liberal media can't cover for the democrats and Obama any longer.
I guess if they remain in a state of denial then they can continue to cripple businesses and industry.

Car dealers fear Obama fuel standards will make new vehicles unaffordable

The White House is expected to OK federal standards in the next few weeks that will nearly double vehicle gas mileage for vehicles by 2025, as automotive dealers warn the changes could slam the recovering retail car industry because they will come with sticker prices that will keep buyers off their lots.
The recommendations call for “fleet wide” gas mileage of 54.4 miles a gallon by 2015 -- essentially the average gas mileage for cars, trucks, vans and all other vehicles in a model year.
The Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration submitted their proposed 2017-2025 fuel-efficiency recommendations in mid-July to the administration’s Office of Management and Budget.

I suppose the answer to the economy is to regulate the middle class out of existence.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Liberal Media Lies to Voters Again

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So NBC comes up with this great idea to help Obama out, they decide to conduct a poll and over load it with democrats.
Knowing it's skewed they release it anyway and then have to basically back off of it after they are found out.

Chuck Todd
"Our sample was a little Democratic heavy and so statistically it is unchanged from last month. Because if it was weighted with the same split we had last month, the President's lead would be identical... No change."
Thing is that they got it out there and know that some will believe them cause they're not as good at getting their corrections out as they are their lies.
This is getting to be an every day thing with these guys and in the mean time their credibility falls further towards zero.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hey Chris Matthews, Sci-Fi means "Science Fiction"

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I don't think there's anything that illustrates the fantasy world that progressive leftists live in better than Chris Matthews asking someone if there will ever be something like the "Minority Report" in real life to find out who the bad guys are?
Aside from the fact that the movie is fictional, exactly what would he have the government do to someone who hasn't actually committed a crime yet? Also for anyone who has seen the movie the conclusion at the end was that the whole idea wasn't a good thing.

Sometimes I wonder if these idiots can actually hear the nonsense they utter.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Truth not as easy as ABC

How far does the lies, distortions and willful deceit have to go before the viewers of ABC news have had enough?
Holmes's mother suggests ABC News mischaracterized her statement
"This statement is to clarify a statement made by ABC media. I was awakened by a call from a reporter by ABC on July 20 about 5:45 in the morning. I did not know anything about a shooting in Aurora at that time," Holmes said in a statement this afternoon, read to the national press by attorney Lisa Damiani. "He asked if I was Arlene Holmes and if my son was James Holmes who lives in Aurora, Colorado. I answered yes, you have the right person. I was referring to myself."
"I asked him to tell me why he was calling and he told me about a shooting in Aurora," she continues. "He asked for a comment. I told him I could not comment because I did not know if the person he was talking about was my son, and I would need to find out."
In the first paragraph of its initial report on Friday, ABC News reported that it had identified the correct James Holmes because his mother "told ABC News her son was likely the alleged culprit, saying, 'You have the right person.'"
First they slander the Tea Party and then distort the reaction of the shooters mother.
This ain't journalism anymore it's sensationalism, no wonder they're losing viewers.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Liberal Media Reports, Viewers Roll Their Eyes

So here we have a tragic multiple shooting in Colorado, around a dozen murdered and many injured, and the news exploding all over the TV and Internet and what does ABC news and Brian Ross give us first thing?

A Tea party connection.....uh no there wasn't.

Via Breitbart.com.
On Good Morning America, ABC News' Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos suggested that the Tea Party might be connected to the mass shootings early this morning in an Aurora, CO theater during a screening of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. The mainstream media attempted to blame the Tea Party for the Tuscon shootings in January 2011, shortly after Republicans swept the midterm elections. Now, in the critical 2012 elections, the mainstream media seems poised to do the same--and ABC News has led the way.

Brian Ross, ABC's ace "investigative" reporter googled the shooters name and found a "Jim Holmes" on the Colorado Tea party page so in a connect the dots fashion reminiscent of the 9/11 troofers he put it out there hoping the smear would stick.
Of course if you're a leftwing conspiracy nutcase then it all made sense, however, people with a working set of synapses in their head knew it for what it was. A desperate attempt to smear the Tea Party and make domestic terrorists out of us.

The left is so desperate to paint Tea Party members as terrorists that they can't even see the overt terrorism in the occupy movement.
Hundreds of Tea Partiers do not rampage through the streets damaging property and committing violent acts like occupiers did in Oakland and Seattle.
Nor, to my knowledge, has any  Tea Partier been arrested for vandalism, assault or any other crimes.
The liberal media has become a sham and it's claim of impartiality a joke on the viewing public.
They have been perpetrating  this lie for decades in a childish attempt to alter the public perception of reality to their warped view and it's time they were held accountable for all their slanders and lies.

The days of an impartial fifth estate is gone, there are to many alternatives to the brain dead liberal panderers of the old alphabet channels for them to survive much longer.
The poor reporting of this tragedy is only just another nail in the coffin of the liberal news elites.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Liberal Media Continues Singing the Same Tune

While the lame stream media is going full tilt on the distractions to keep the American people from focusing on Obamas dismal presidency the economic hits keep on coming.
From Ten Pieces of Bad Economic News the Media's Covering Up at Breitbart.com.

1. Weekly jobless claims shot up to 386,000.
2. Foreclosures are hitting our most vulnerable citizens.
3. Factory activity contracted for a second month in a row.
4. Home sales dropped a whopping 5.4% -- the biggest drop in nine months.
5. Retail sales dropped for the third straight month.
6. Consumer confidence dipped to 84.7.
7. U.S. business inventories increased by .3%...
8. …sales dropped .1%.
9. Food prices are skyrocketing.
10. More Americans are getting federal disability than jobs.

All but the last were released this week.

The disdain for the public by the media goes full tilt with Chris Matthews suggesting we all be treated like 2 year olds when it comes to explaining Obamas dismal failure as a leader and a president.
For just a couple of months it's very important to tune out American Idol and Hells Kitchen to focus on what's being done to our country and economy.
If we can't get this country back on track then there will be no more leisure time for reality TV, we'll all be to busy trying to find a way to survive.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sununu Sings the Truth

It's amazing that this is even getting out there, the lick-spittle liberal media refuses to allow regular Americans to express our disgust and disappointment with the current president and his democrat lapdogs.
John Sununu is called a "Romney surrogate" by the liberal media worshippers of Chicago Jesus but what he really is is a reflection of what the common man/woman who is hurting under Obamas domestic policies is feeling.
November can't come soon enough.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Ron Paul Religion

Of all the things to suddenly appear with the proliferation of the Internet, the most embarrassing has to be Ron Paul and his army of worshippers.

Over the last couple of elections you can't hardly go anywhere where politics is discussed on the web and not have run into an army of irritating paulbots screeching from the liturgy of contrails, trooferism, Bilderbergers and Illuminati conspiracies.

The Ron Paul religion..... a congregation of kooks wrapping themselves in the cloak of patriotism to try and spread the message of Dr. Paul.

Some it must have rubbed off because "Dr. Paul" is engaging in a few conspiracies of his own.

Ron Paul: Romney campaign scared to let me speak at GOP convention
Rep. Ron Paul said that the Republican Party is scared to let him speak at the national convention in Florida next month.
The Texas Republican candidate for president said he thinks the prospects of him having the Tampa platform to energize his “Ronvolution” movement of supporters — who buck traditional GOP staples such as war funding and are in favor of more radical ideas such as auditing the Federal Reserve — intimidates some in the Republican leadership, including former Gov. Mitt Romney’s (R-Mass.) campaign.
“I think the Romney campaign organization is very insecure,” said Paul in an interview with Fox Business News on Friday.
Every time someone proclaims this asshat as a conservative I cringe a little, face facts.....the whole “Ronvolution” is really nothing more than a personality cult. An organized effort by his followers to establish "Dr. Paul" as the panacea for all of Americas ills.
That only through him can we obtain freedom and liberty.
In other words they're proselytizing, trying to establish Ron Paul to others as their central and only belief in America, as our "saviour".
Kind of like Obama supporters placing messianic properties on him.

Sorry folks, conservatives don't need someone to worship...we need someone to lead, which is the main difference between liberals, paulbots and conservatives.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Barack Obama...Job Exporter

The liberals need to look in their own backyard before attacking Romney for "out sourcing".
Funny how the democrats use our money like it's their own.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Example of Liberal Media Bias

Check out Andrea Mitchell fumbling all over the place trying to redirect lies toward Romney.
Former Gov. John Sununu isn't having any of it or letting her get away with distorting the record.
The liberal media is so pompous and full of themselves that they don't know how to act when called out on their lies.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Careful What You Wish For

A lot of voters bought into the "hope and change" offered by Obama and the lick-spittle liberal media in 2007-2008.

Now them chickens have come home to roost.

The Hill Poll: Majority of voters believe Obama has changed country for worse

Two-thirds of likely voters say President Obama has kept his 2008 campaign promise to change America — but it’s changed for the worse, according to a sizable majority.
A new poll for The Hill found 56 percent of likely voters believe Obama’s first term has transformed the nation in a negative way, compared to 35 percent who believe the country has changed for the better under his leadership.
The results signal broad voter unease with the direction the nation has taken under Obama’s leadership and present a major challenge for the incumbent Democrat as he seeks reelection this fall. 
Conducted for The Hill by Pulse Opinion Research, the poll comes in the wake of last month’s Supreme Court decision that upheld the primary elements of Obama’s signature healthcare legislation.
Life has taken a fundamental change for a large segment of America since hope and change has arrived. Employment is stagnant, the number of people on food stamps continues to rise. The national debt has sky rocketed and a large portion of the population has dropped out of the workforce.

Some "change" huh?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cause and Effect, GOP Governors Reduce Unemployment

It's easy to blame the unemployed for their predicament but the truth is that there needs to be jobs available for them to seek before they can contribute to the work force.
If the federal government creates a hostile environment for business to thrive in then it's no wonder that there are more people out of work.
But we can do something about it and some states already have.

New Republican governors rapidly bringing down unemployment in their states
Voters in 17 states elected new Republican governors in November 2010. This new breed of fiscally-conservative, tea party-supported Republican governors took office in January 2011. Here is how those states have fared since then, in terms of their unemployment rates:
Kansas - 6.9% to 6.1% = a decline of 0.8%
Maine - 8.0% to 7.4% = a decline of 0.6%
Michigan - 10.9% to 8.5% = a decline of 2.4%
New Mexico - 7.7% to 6.7% = a decline of 1.0%
Oklahoma - 6.2% to 4.8% = a decline of 1.4%
Pennsylvania - 8.0% to 7.4% = a decline of 0.6%
Tennessee - 9.5% to 7.9% = a decline of 1.6%
Wisconsin - 7.7% to 6.8% = a decline of 0.9%
Wyoming - 6.3% to 5.2% = a decline of 1.1%
Alabama - 9.3% to 7.4% = a decline of 1.9%
Georgia - 10.1% to 8.9% = a decline of 1.2%
South Carolina - 10.6% to 9.1% = a decline of 1.5%
South Dakota - 5.0% to 4.3% = a decline of 0.7%
Florida - 10.9% to 8.6% = a decline of 2.3%
Nevada - 13.8% to 11.6% = a decline of 2.2%
Iowa - 6.1% to 5.1% = a decline of 1.0%
Ohio - 9.0% to 7.3% = a decline of 1.7%
Fact is that we can do better by selecting politicians who will encourage business growth in their states and ultimately for the country.
Conservatives ain't looking for someone to love, we're looking for someone to lead, the libtards and MSM can continue to seek a love affair all they want.
But the time has come for the star struck masses to wake up and put America back to work again.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Challenge

Nothing like a little "naner-naner in your face" to harden the resolve of ones opponents.
Covering those with pre-existing conditions, not sending families into bankruptcy due to medical bills and getting coverage for those without are all nice ideas but do we have to give up our privacy and create a whole new level of bureaucratic red tape to do so?

 Officials have already drafted 13,000 pages of new regulations for the new ObamaTax law.

The IRS, Health and Human Services and many other agencies will now write thousands of pages of regulations -- an effort well under way:
"There's already 13,000 pages of regulations, and they're not even done yet," Rehberg said.
"It's a delegation of extensive authority from Congress to the Department of Health and Human Services and a lot of boards and commissions and bureaus throughout the bureaucracy," Matt Spalding of the Heritage Foundation said. "We counted about 180 or so."
There has been much focus on the mandate that all Americans obtain health insurance, but analysts say that's just a small part of the law -- covering only a few pages out of the law's 2700.
"The fact of the matter is the mandate is about two percent of the whole piece of the legislation," Spalding said. "It's a minor part."
Much bigger than the mandate itself are the insurance exchanges that will administer $681 billion in subsidies over 10 years, which will require a lot of new federal workers at the IRS and health department.
"They are asking for several hundred new employees," Dorn said. "You have rules you need to write and you need lawyers, so there are lots of things you need to do when you are standing up a new enterprise."

This is a boon for all those poor out of work lawyers out there I suppose but I don't think the economy will be stimulated a whole lot by hiring thousands of civil servants to pour money into unions to help elect more politicians willing to intrude further into our privacy.
Of course having access to the medical records at your Proctologists office, there's really not more to intrude upon.

Monday, July 2, 2012

If it Walks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck then it's a Squirrel

All I can say is......sigh.

Tax or penalty? Romney, others still honing message on ObamaCare fine
The Romney campaign attempted Monday to clarify the candidate’s position on what consequence Americans will face for failing to buy health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, saying the candidate considers the fine an “unconstitutional penalty” rather than a tax.
The campaign took the position despite efforts by some Republicans to label the controversial fine a tax -- after the Supreme Court took that position in its ruling last week upholding the law. The Romney campaign, though, also suggested President Obama was trying to have it both ways, by embracing the Supreme Court decision while continuing to call the fine a "penalty" in public.
Mitt Romney's campaign challenged Obama to make a decision -- either call it an unconstitutional penalty or a "constitutional tax," but not both.
The clarification followed senior campaign adviser Eric Fehrnstrom saying earlier in the day that Romney thinks the consequence is a penalty, the same position he took on a similar fine under the statewide health care initiative he instituted as Massachusetts governor.
“The governor has consistently described the mandate in Massachusetts as a penalty,” Fehrnstrom said on MSNBC.
What happens in Massachusetts stays in Massachusetts, there it's considered a penalty. The Supreme Court of the United States says Obamacare is a tax.
It's almost like Mitt doesn't want to win....I gotta ask the question.
Why is it that all we seem to be able to nominate is "reach across the aisle", squishy RINO's?

Romney should be beating team Obama over the head with this.

Stereotypes of the South Alive and Well

Just a little Boss Hog here, Arkansas Democrat Gene Jeffress plays it for all it's worth trying to sell opposition to Obamacare as racist.
I've lived in Arkansas for about 20 years and found it to be no more or no less racist than anywhere else but it seems that the race card is about the only one that's being played.

Jeffress is pretty typical of the low rent democrat politicians that exist here, making whatever plea they can to get into office and then neglecting their consituents until it's time for the next election. Of course their weapon of choice is to always pander to the rural poor in order to make a case about how "they are just like them" before they go to Washington and collect their perks and insider deals that can make them rich men.
Winning Congress would be like winning the lottery to the likes of Jeffress.
A dispicable little man who is not above using anyone to get out of Arkansas.......kind of like Huckabee, Bill and Hillary.