Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sarah Palin, Teller of Truth

This is hilarious but true, Sarah calls it as she sees it and says Nancy Pelosi is a dingbat. I mean like who hasn't thought that.
No wonder the left hates Sarah Palin so much, she puts the truth right out there and there is no way they can deny it.
The rest of what she has to say is great also.

The Cable Provider Carnival

Just a little change here on what to rant about.
Last night I got one of those survey calls from COX as a follow up on a service call they did a few days prior to replace a malfunctioning modem that they sold me about a month before.

I could go on about that and the fact that it's the second modem I've gotten since the one I had for about four years died on me.
To add insult to injury the "survey" was one of those female mechanical voices that expected me to "answer" questions for it.
Hey COX, I'm not going to sit here and answer any questions into a mechanical device, what idiot would?
I'm a human being and if you want to show that you value your customers like the little robotic voice says you do then you'd have a real live human contact me to ask questions.

It's not like you can't afford it, you over charge out the backside for just about everything you offer. Which is why the only service I buy from you is the high speed Internet. I can get all the TV I need from Netflix and Hulu plus at about a quarter of what you charge.
If you're wondering why you're losing subscribers you may want to rethink your business model, and try to treat your customers like they matter.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Liberal Idiocy

I gotta tell you, I'm just amazed at the moronic logic that libtards use in their arguments.

I ran across this gem on facebook during a discussion on todays SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare.

Liberal idiot quote : if you have taken tax deductions and credits you have depended on the government. If you use any roads you depend on the government. If you stop at a red light you depend on the government. So YES YOU DEPEND ON THE GOVERNMENT
There's so many things wrong with this that it defies explanation but if your a liberal who's tripped across this blog then I'll try and explain it to you.
First off to have the government confiscate your hard earned money and then dribble some of it back to you when it sees fit is not "dependency", it's legalized theft of your sweat and abilities.
The trick is the government should only steal from you the bare minimum it needs to satisfy the functions that the people charge it with.
Like providing safe roads to drive on and safety devices to regulate that traffic.

In a sane world the government is dependant on it's citizens, not the other way around.

Hope that clears it up for you.

Obamacare Reminder

In light of the SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare today it might be worth reviewing the denial by Obama that it is not a tax.
Also maybe it's time to revisit his vow not to raise taxes on families making less than $250,000 a year.

Obama Renews Vow of No Middle-Class Tax Increase

WASHINGTON — The White House tried Monday to douse speculation that it might raise taxes on the middle class in violation of President Obama’s campaign promise, just a day after two of his top economic advisers left the door open to such a move to rein in spiraling deficits.
Mr. Obama told his economic team in a meeting at the White House that he intended to stand by his promise not to increase taxes on families making less than $250,000, aides said. He then sent his spokesman out to repeat that message in front of the television cameras.
“The president made a commitment in the campaign. He’s clear about that commitment, and he’s going to keep it,” said Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary.
 That's alright though cause as the DNC executive director says.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Islamic Anarchy in Dearborn Michigan

This is kind of long but infuriating.
As I watched it was plain to me that the Muslims violating the rights of peaceful Christians to gather and exercise their free speech rights, in America mind you, seemed to feel entitled to abuse others who's beliefs they disagree with.

Yet I find it impossible to imagine a crowd of Christians surrounding a small group of Muslims and throwing various objects while uttering obscenities at them.

You gotta wonder how we've come to this point in this country and how corrupt the Dearborn police have become to be able to pander to hoodlums.

Monday, June 25, 2012

One Mans Truth is Another Mans "Fashionable"

I just can't, for the life of me, understand how some people can be so clueless about what's going on around them.

But then again when you surround yourself with people who are basically insulated from the "unwashed masses" you have a tendency to really not care much for the little people.

In Obama's mind prosperity is for the liberal elite snobs.

For Citizens the Hits Keep on Coming

Well it looks like the SCOTUS basically gutted Arizona's immigration law
and by extension the attempts of other states to control immigration into their jurisdictions.

In the mean time American citizens pay the price for the federal governments lackadasical enforcement of our borders.

 Mom given bill to clean street after son killed by illegal immigrant driving drunk
GREENVILLE, SC –  A grieving mother told a South Carolina court she was slapped with several bills, including one to clean the street after her son was killed by a drunken driver last year.
Loretta Robinson spoke on June 19 of the emotional and financial toll her son Justin Walker's death had on her as the driver Anna Gonzales, who is an illegal immigrant, pleaded guilty in the case.
Robinson told the judge she has been unable to work due to the emotional impact of her son's death, and can't pay the bills she keeps receiving from the accident even though her son was not at fault, WYFF reports.
"I had to pay to have the vehicle towed," she said according to WYFF. "I had to pay for the vehicle removed and to clean up the street from Justin's blood on the ground."
Robinson said the $50 bill to clean the street stung the most.
This incident begs the question, if Anna Gonzales had been stopped at the border or deported and she wasn't here to drive drunk then couldn't Justin Darryl Walker's life have been spared?

American citizens are nothing more than collateral damage to the forces of illegal immigration and the PC believers. Cannon fodder in an idealogical war and we're losing.

Finally Sinking In?

On the possible eve of the SCOTUS decision on Obama care (this week anyway) it appears that more and more people are getting wise to the disaster they elected.

Grim Milestone: Majority Disapprove of Obama’s Handling of the Economy
Fewer Americans believe the economy is getting better and a majority disapproves of how President Barack Obama is handling it, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.
Republican challenger Mitt Romney has exploited those concerns and moved into a virtually even position with the president.
Three months of declining job creation have left the public increasingly glum, with only 3 out of 10 adults saying the country is headed in the right direction. Five months before the election, the economy remains Obama’s top liability.
I don't know how "grim" it is, I'd say more along the lines of "inevitable".
I've been around for almost 60 years and have never seen an economy or employmnet figures like we have now.
I was watching Dateline tonight and they did a report on "Lost in Suburbia" about how 3 former middle class families are thrust into poverty due to job loss. Of course they conclude that it's the "new normal" and go out of their way to avoid talking about why the economy is in a mess.
But the truth is even the liberal lick-spittle press can't ignore the sheer numbers of people who are suffering under the liberal policies of Obama and the democrats.
They just refuse to point the finger at the responsible parties.
Fortunately they don't need to.
Everyone is begining to realize that slogans and promises don't put a paycheck into the bank.
We all need to just hold on until November because by then most everyone will know anyone but Obama can do better.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Obamanomics: No Surprise Here

The trend of higher unemployment continues, good thing Obama has that gay marriage and immigration thing to talk about huh?

Jobless Claims Rise Above Expectations
Initial jobless claims were just reported. After last week's jump in claims, economists had expected 383k to file first-time claims for unemployment benefits. The actual number was slightly higher; 387k filed claims. Last weeks report of 386K filing claims (which was also higher than expected) was revised higher, to 389k claims. It is very likely that this weeks number will be revised higher next week. This is not a good trend. 
The next two jobs reports may very well decide November's election. May's lousy jobs report surprised many people and shocked Democrats and the media. Polls since then have showed a steady drop in Obama's support.
On July 6th, we will get June's jobs report. Based on recent initial jobless claims numbers, it is hard to see who that report will be much of an improvement over May's. We'll likely see very low levels of hiring or, even, an actual drop in the number of jobs.
The next jobs reports before the election will come on August 3, September 7, October 5 and November 2. The reports in August and September are probably the last that will impact the election. After that voters will have their expectations on the economy "set" and will be unlikely to be persuaded otherwise unless there is an unprecedented spike in hiring in the October or November reports.
I don't see things changing anytime soon, November can't come soon enough.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obamanomics, It's Come to This

While Dingy Harry and John McCain Worry about regulating boxing and the democrat majority Senate fusses over the NFL and bounties real Americans struggle to survive the Obama economy.

How Bad Is the Economy? Army Veteran Puts Medals on Ebay to Support His Family
Bill Shepard served a year in Iraq as an Army Specialist. After returning home he lost his job because of the bad economy and has spent 2 1/2 years without full-time work. He had to do something to support his family.
Woodbury, NJ – Fox 29 is getting results for a local veteran, who is doing anything he can to support his family!
The response since our first story aired Tuesday has been overwhelming. We’ve gotten phone calls and emails not just from the Philadelphia area, but from as far away as Florida, Alabama and California. It’s clear, Americans want to help a father who served his country.
Less than 24 hours ago, not one person had offered a single penny for an army medal Bill Shephard put up for sale on eBay. And then his story aired on Fox 29. “When I saw the amount that was posted on eBay,” Shephard told Fox 29, “when I saw that it was $2,000, it was just, it was overwhelming.”
It's a shame that our veterans have to come back to this economy and struggle to support themselves and their families.
We can do better for them by remembering this kind of stuff in November.

Federal Boxing Commission?...Seriously?

As if you needed more proof that these guys are waste of space.

Is this the best Reid and McCain can do -- regulate boxing?
If we did not know better, the announcement from Washington that two senior Senators are proposing the creation of a national commission to regulate boxing would be dismissed as a cruel joke. But this is no joke, and Senators Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) are serious. They seem to believe the recent controversy over a judges’ decision in the Bradley-Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas awarding victory to Bradley warrants this recondite unlimbering of the heavy artillery of federal authority. Of course there is not much going on these days in our Government and so these two lawmakers have time on their hands.
It's almost like these guys just refuse to get it,.
As annoying as it is for me to keep harping on the many problems we face in our economy, employment, immigration and expansion of the nanny state, the truth is that these clowns we keep sending to Washington remain tone deaf to them.
Is there nothing that politicians don't want to put their grubby little fingers in?
Also how long are we as a people going to tolerate the RINO's and progressives in government insulting our intelligence by trying to distract us from their incompetence?

The Liberal Sewer: June/20/2012

Libertards go bat-shit crazy over children singing "God Bless the U.S.A.".
I don't know....telling kids that they will "burn in hell" while singing by liberals doesn't seem to surprise me any more.
These people are truly the scum of the earth.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Perfectly Good Catch Phrase Shot to Hell

Dingy Harry tries to be relevant, fails miserably.

Harry Reid Shuts Down Reporter: ‘That’s A Clown Question Bro’
In a press availability with reporters this afternoon Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid shot down a reporter’s question using some rather colorful language.
“I don’t want to answer that question. That’s a clown question bro,” Mr. Reid said eliciting laughs.
Partial audio of the exchange was posted online by The Takeaway’s Washington Correspondent Todd Zwillich. Mr. Zwillich said his recorder was too far away to pick up the question, so he only posted Mr. Reid’s answer.
Mr. Reid’s comment was a reference to Washington Nationals rookie outfielder Bryce Harper who gave the same response last week when a reporter asked him whether he’d celebrate a homerun with a beer.
According to USA Today, Mr. Reid’s unusual response was a provoked by a reporter asking him to respond to “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s comments on the DREAM Act.”
As of this writing, Mr. Reid has not responded to a request for comment on this story.
What a shame, there could have been some nice mileage from "That’s a clown question bro", T-shirts, bumper stickers and possibly some funny photo-shops. But now it'll be associated with a real clown and political dinosaur.

By the sounds of it the only customers for those sorts of things will be the liberal media bootlickers.
How lame is it that they thought Harry Reid saying it was funny?

Subservience OK as Long as You Don't Flaunt It

I don't think anything could be more symbolic of the current administration than this.

Adidas cancels new 'shackle' sneaker after sharp criticism

Adidas is canceling plans for a sneaker with a shackle-like ankle cuff that some critics say too closely resembles a symbol of slavery.
The company announced Monday that it would withdraw the JS Roundhouse Mid, made in collaboration with fashion designer Jeremy Scott.
The sneaker was supposed to be a reboot of a classic high-top sneaker with a strap across the middle. A preview was offered months ago and generated little chatter, but the company recently started promoting it on its Facebook page.
Many users left comments on the page’s bulletin board ripping the day-glo orange shackles, saying they are particularly offensive to African-Americans because they evoke imagery of slavery and prisoners on the chain gang.
So it's OK to reduce a families net worth by 35% or greater and to make more people reliant on food stamps than any time before in our history. Take over and dictate how our health care is administered and how big a soda we can buy?
But it's inappropriate to sell a shoe with a chain and shackle?
These shoes should be standard issue for every American alive to symbolize the enslavement of the people to a progressive, socialist, nanny state looking to take over every aspect of our lives.
They are a symbol of slavery, a symbol of the American people being enslaved by the progressive left.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hey, at Least He's Happy.......

.........About Obama's new immigration policy.

Mexican President thanks Obama for New Immigration Policy
LOS CABOS, Mexico - The Mexican president and host of the G20 Summit praised President Obama for his administration's new immigration policy announced last week. "I would like to thank personally, and on behalf of the Mexican nation, President Barack Obama for his valuable decision by executive order to give an opportunity for young people who were not born in the United States," President Felipe Calderón said Monday morning.
On Friday the American leader announced a halt to the deportation of young illegal immigrants brought to the U. S. before the age of 16, if they meet a list of criteria including living in the country for at least five continuous years and having no criminal record. The Obama administration says this will cut down on low priority deportations and free up resources for the Department of Homeland Security to focus on higher security threats. Critics say the policy shift amounts to backdoor amnesty for illegals.
Speaking in Spanish at their first bilateral meeting of the summit, Calderon called the decision a "humanitarian action" and "a great piece of news for Mexicans.
U.S. citizens suffering a high, lingering unemployment rate, mortgages underwater and looking at huge federal deficits into the far future not so much.
While Obama does his best to pander to every special interest group he can trying to buy enough votes to win re-election the forgotten man/woman continue to suffer under his job and business killing policies.

Go ahead Obama, continue to neglect the middle class worker, we won't forget come November.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Not Very Presidential President

Pretty arrogant little show here, the President of the United States violates the will of the people and congress, then has the nerve to be angry when questioned about it.

The economy is hanging by a thread, unemployment is high, the middle class has lost 40% of their net worth and the most important thing for Obama to do right now is grant amnesty by executive fiat......and he gets pissy?

There is something definitely wrong with this, congress needs to act now to rein in Obama and shut this down.

Obama Does it His Way

Who needs that pesky old congress anyways?
Cause Obama knows what's best, whether we like it or not.

Obama administration to offer immunity to up to 800,000 illegals

The Obama Administration will stop deporting and issue work permits to as many as 800,000 young illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and have never committed a crime, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said Friday.
Napolitano said the change is needed to ensure enforcement resources are not expended on “low-priority cases” and are instead focused on people who “meet enforcement priorities.” But the move angered Republicans, who viewed it as an overreach by the administration on a matter that should be addressed legislatively.
“Today, I am announcing that effective immediately, young people brought to U.S. by no fault of their own and meet several criteria no longer are removed from country or entered into removal proceedings,” Napolitano said in a conference call with reporters.
The election-year announcement was met with surprise and question by GOP lawmakers, while raised by at least one leading Capitol Hill Democrat.
“This is another example of executive overreach,” Florida Rep. Allen West told Fox News.
West said he just learned about the policy change and that such a move should have come through legislation on Capitol Hill where it could be debated.
“That’s how we do business in the United States,” said West, R-Fla.
This is just an end run around congress to implement the "Dream Act" that has been rejected by congress over and over.
Kind of interesting that this comes about after the DOJ bars Texas from implementing their voter ID law and sues Florida for purging ineligible voters from registration rolls.

Come on, everybody knows what's going on here, the Dem's are fattening the pool of potential voters. Under these conditions anyone can go in and vote...citizen or not.
This is a shamless theft of the vote of the people and something we shouldn't sit still for, Obama and the Democrats need to be voted out in November.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Americans Poorer Since Obamessiah Took Office

Somehow I don't think this is a surprise for anybody who has to work for a living.

Americans saw wealth plummet 40 percent from 2007 to 2010, Federal Reserve says
The recent recession wiped out nearly two decades of Americans’ wealth, according to government data released Monday, with ­middle-class families bearing the brunt of the decline.
The Federal Reserve said the median net worth of families plunged by 39 percent in just three years, from $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010. That puts Americans roughly on par with where they were in 1992.
The data represent one of the most detailed looks at how the economic downturn altered the landscape of family finance. Over a span of three years, Americans watched progress that took almost a generation to accumulate evaporate. The promise of retirement built on the inevitable rise of the stock market proved illusory for most. Homeownership, once heralded as a pathway to wealth, became an albatross.
The findings underscore the depth of the wounds of the financial crisis and how far many families remain from healing. If the recession set Americans back 20 years, economists say, the road forward is sure to be a long one. And so far, the country has seen only a halting recovery.
Just trying to keep our cars fueled up eats away at our wealth and the federal, state and local governments are the ones who really benefit.
If you want to drop the price of gas how about a moratorium on collecting taxes?
That'll drop the price of gasoline and diesel 50 to 55 cents per gallon.
You want to know why your house has lost value then look to Barney Frank and his piss ant liberal/democrat enablers.

Wealth isn't generated by food stamps or unemployment.
Obama wants 4 more years to "finish the job", my question is who'll be left after 4 more years for him to confiscate their wealth from to prop up all those Americans he and the progressive Democrats have impoverished?

We can't take another 4 more years, hell we'll be lucky to survive until November when we can throw them out on their cans.

Bill Maher Gets a Twofer

He goes after "American Exceptionalism" and Mormonism all at once.

You know there's a difference between questioning our countries place in the world and being a petty, pompous, arrogant asshole.
Maher excels at the latter.

h/t Weasel Zippers

Grading Obama

This has got to rank right up there with one of the stupidest requests a campaign can ever make.

Obama's campaign asks supporters to grade its performance

President Obama’s campaign is calling on supporters to grade its performance amid a difficult early June for his reelection bid against presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney.
“This campaign is ramping up, and the decisions we make right now will shape our path to victory in November,” said campaign manager Jim Messina in an email to supporters sent Saturday night.
“That's why I want your input, because you are the ones building this campaign on the ground in your community. We want to know from you what's working, what we could be doing better, what you care about, and what you're hearing about the President and this campaign,” said Messina.
So he cares what his supporters think but has a tin ear when it comes to the rest of the voters? He thinks the private sector is doing "fine".
Obama walked that back later in the day but you have got to wonder if he realizes what joblessness means to the more than 23 million Americans out of work?
8.2% unemployment is just a number, it shields the democrats from seeing the real problems that it causes.
I doubt that there will ever be an accurate account of those who have dropped out of the job market or people forced to collect their social security benefits earlier than they wanted to due to the incompetent handling of this economy.
If Obama wants to be graded let him wait until November.
The forgotten men/women of this country will give him the grade he deserves.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Liberal Sewer:6/7/2012

Every Wednesday I'm going to post a video highlighting the unhinged lunacy of the liberal, socialist, progressive left so everyone will have an opportunity to see what kind of people want control of our country.
Here's one of some hanger-on's after the ass whooping they took in Wisconsin. Obviously they just can't let it go and move on.

No doubt it'll get stanger and more weird as the elections near.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This is What Democracy Looks Like

Even though it took two elections to validate the will of the people.

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker survives bitterly fought recall election

Wisconsin's governor Scott Walker survived a bitterly fought recall election on Tuesday after Republican voters mobilised in huge numbers, propelling him to a victory that will boost Mitt Romney's run for the White House.
Television networks called it for the incumbent at 11pm local time after early returns from rural counties gave him an apparently unassailable lead even as voters were still queuing to cast ballots at polling stations in Milwaukee, a Democratic stronghold.
It was a devastating defeat for Democrats and union activists who had waged an 18-month campaign to oust Walker over his restrictions on collective bargaining and cutbacks of pension and health benefits of public sector workers.
The American people are hungry for reforms, the out of control spending on the federal and state levels are creating burdens all across society.
This recall election was about one thing and one thing only, who has control of the public purse strings, the duly elected officials chosen by voters or the thug union bosses and their democrat party,socialist enablers who's only concern is unfettered access to the public trough.
The answer seems pretty clear.

Amazon Looking Better all the Time

As a grandfather, I got to tell you that this is a little disturbing.

Bookstore apologizes after man claims he was ejected for being alone in children's section

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. –  Barnes & Noble has apologized after a senior citizen said staff at one of the retail giant's Arizona stores ejected him because he was on his own in the children's area.
Omar Amin claimed a store worker told him a female shopper had complained he was in the children's area in the store in Scottsdale, The Arizona Republic reported.
The 73-year-old, who was alone at the time, said he was in the store to buy books for his two grandchildren, who live in Wisconsin.
He told the newspaper, "Men alone cannot be by themselves in the children's area."
Mark Bottini, Barnes & Noble vice president and director of stores, issued a statement Monday apologizing to Amin.
The idea that every time an elderly gentleman enters a section of a store that sells items for children being branded as.....what?
Some kind of lecherous perv who needs supervision every time he browses for something to buy for his grandchildren?
Because of one paranoid shopper?
I would think that brick and motor stores would be a little more conscious of their customers seeing as how there are alternatives out there for spending ones money.
Society has been reduced to being in fear of the perpetually aggrieved, the lone voice that feels compelled to speak before engaging their brain.
This man had every right to shop for his family, but incidences like these are what's going to drive more and more people online to purchase items.
That way we don't have to suffer the presence of idiots.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Billion Here, a Billion There

Paul Krugman doesn't seem to think that a billion dollars is a lot of money.
There's just so much wrong with that idea I don't know where to begin. Of course the reason he said such a boneheaded thing is because he was trying to excuse Obamas miserable record on investing in "green energy".

I guess in the liberal way of thinking a billion dollars of other peoples money is of no consequence when it comes to pissing away taxpayers dollars.
In the private sector if someone had the same record of failure as Obama he would no longer have a job.

We can hope for a change in November.

Friday, June 1, 2012

And the Hits Keep on Coming

Going to be difficult for the liberal press to spin this in Obama's favor.

Jobs report a trainwreck
The U.S. economy added just 69,000 jobs in May, well below expectations of 150,000 job gains, according to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Not only did BLS report terrible numbers for May, but it made downward revisions to previous months job growth numbers, which were already considered weak. The economy is now said to have added 143,000 jobs in March (instead of 154,000) and just 77,000 jobs in April (instead of 115,000).
The unemployment rate crept up slightly to 8.2 percent.
While Obama has been distracting everyone with his sleight of hand BS on any number of things that don't really matter real Americans and their families are feeling the pain of his pitiful policies against business.
The result is lost opportunities for everyone.

You know I'm willing to bet that when Obama and the democrats lose their asses in November the private sector will breath a sigh of relief and job opportunities will pick up again.
If by some odd trick of fate he wins, then whole generations will become dependent on the nanny government for a meager subsistence.
The democrats own this economy.

Dan Rather Lives on Planet Denial

This is rich, the guy who presents the public with bogus documents to try and discredit G.W. Bush doesn't believe that liberal bias exists in the alphabet channels news rooms.
I suppose his motivation for his attempt to deceive was a seach for the truth.

Dan Rather: Claims of liberal bias at CBS, NBC, ABC ‘a sham,’ ‘a camouflage’
On Wednesday’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” on Comedy Central, one-time CBS “Evening News” anchor Dan Rather said that allegations that the mainstream media reports news from a liberal perspective have been greatly overstated.
Rather, who is now with cable channel HDNet, had an unceremonious departure from CBS after a story he ran in 2004 that raised questions about President George W. Bush’s National Guard service turned out to be based on fraudulent documents.
That piece on the National Guard service is often used by conservatives as proof that the media skews left, but according to Rather, there’s nothing to those claims of bias within the newsroom. However, Rather did say that politicians have become more skillful in manipulating the television media.
“I think the politicians have outsmarted television,” Rather said. “Overall, I think television has added to everybody’s knowledge about almost everything. But like the Internet, which is now dominant in news or soon to be, it has its pluses and minuses. But each successive presidency, for example, has gotten smarter and smarter about how to manipulate the media, manipulate the press and use television to its advantage. There is also the trivialization of the news — you want to call the politicization of news now results in some networks just being partisan political propaganda.”
I just love the way he accuses others of becoming smarter at manipulating the media when he himself blatantly lied to advance his own liberal agenda of smearing GWB.
The man has no shame.
The guy is like....80 years old, there comes a time in life when you need to hang it up and quit embarrassing yourself.