Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Musical Interlude 9/29/2015

Gone but not forgotten.

The Trump Effect

With Boehner on his way out now pressure is being applied to oust Mitch McConnell.
You have to wonder if this is the result of the rejection of conservative voters to the current crop of squishy RINOs being offered by the RNC.
Could it be that the republican elitist jack-holes are finally getting the message?

Under pressure: McConnell pushed to resign as Senate Majority Leader
With John Boehner now departing as House speaker, an influential Republican Party official is now seeking the ouster of another GOP leader who has frustrated conservatives: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“McConnell needs to resign!!” Louisiana GOP Chairman Roger Villere wrote in a Facebook posting.

Mr. Villere isn’t just any Republican. He’s the longest-serving state GOP chairman in the nation, with 12 years on the job, and is the vice chairman of the Republican National Committee, the GOP’s national governing body. He also serves on the RNC’s executive committee that makes decisions alongside Chairman Reince Priebus.   
“Mitch is a good and honorable guy, but the base is leaving our party,” Mr. Villere said in an interview with The Washington Times. “I’m out in the field all the time and we have all our elections this year for state offices, and it’s hurting us tremendously with our elections.” 
Aides for Mr. McConnell, Kentucky Republican, did not return repeated calls and emails seeking comment. A spokeswoman for Mr. Priebus said he was unavailable Sunday.~snip~
I doubt if it'll be in time to save the RNCs preferred  candidate Jeb or for them to retool this election cycle with more worthy candidates but McConnell resigning could be a sign that the republican party would be one that might represent the people.
Instead of the elites single quest for power.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Rand Paul looking Shaky as Well

I'm sure a lot of these guys thought they would be more popular than they are but it seems that the same old squishy spineless RINO talking points ain't working.

 Death watch for Rand Paul campaign
LEXINGTON,KY. — Rand Paul was right.

In January 2014, the day after The Atlantic anointed Paul, Kentucky’s junior U.S. Senator, as the Republican frontrunner in the 2016 presidential race, Paul told the Herald-Leader “it’s still too early probably to talk about things like that.”

“That sounds unlucky to me,” he said.

Less than two years later, Paul’s luck, it seems, is running out.

Campaigning on Friday in New Hampshire, Paul continues to charge ahead with his struggling presidential campaign, but speculation is growing that he might be the next Republican candidate to drop out of the race.~snip~
Fighting against  government tyranny when it comes to light bulbs and low flow toilets is fine for a senator but they're not enough substance for running for president.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Jeb on the Bubble?

I haven't run across anybody, online or not, who actually supports Jeb Bush.
His "act of love" speech for illegal aliens hurt him badly and his poll numbers indicate he hasn't recovered from it. I mean the American people have been demanding that the border be closed and immigration laws be enforced for over a decade that I'm aware of.

It's make or break time for Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush is entering a critical phase of his Republican presidential campaign, with top donors warning that the former Florida governor needs to demonstrate growth in the polls over the next month or face serious defections among supporters.

The warnings, expressed by numerous senior GOP fundraisers in recent days, come as Bush and an allied super PAC are in the early stages of an aggressive television ad campaign that they believe will help erase doubts about his viability.

But Bush continues to battle against a steady decline in the polls, sinking to fifth place at just 7 percent in a national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Sunday and similarly languishing in the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

The warnings from top donors come as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's exit from the race refocused the battle within the GOP's establishment wing as one between Bush and his former protege, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). Right now, the momentum appears to be behind Rubio, who has jumped ahead of Bush in most polls. At least a third of the bundlers who signed up to raise money for Walker have switched their allegiance to Rubio, while a smaller number have gone with Bush, according to people familiar with the discussions.~snip~
Things are way different after two terms of Obama and his wimpy foreign policy that basically hands the keys to the border to illegals from almost any country.
Any candidate who isn't on record as tough on immigration needs to drop out before he's forced out.
Jeb just needs to go because he's simply another Bush, the wrong candidate for the time.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Super Moon!!!!

Plan your apocalypse accordingly.
For those anticipating the end and are having a fire sale on their possessions let us know in the comments.
I got a few bucks.

Sunday’s rare supermoon eclipse: What you need to know
Stargazers are in for a treat Sunday when a supermoon combines with a lunar eclipse for the first time since 1982.

The supermoon eclipse will last 1 hour and 11 minutes, and will be visible to North and South America, Europe, Africa, and parts of West Asia and the eastern Pacific, according to NASA. Weather permitting, the supermoon will be visible after nightfall, and the eclipse will cast it into shadow beginning at 8:11 p.m. ET. The total eclipse starts at 10:11 p.m. ET, peaking at 10:47 p.m. ET.~snip~
I'm looking forward to observing it cause I doubt I'll be around for the next one.

The RINO is strong in this one

This is the kind of stuff that has people running towards Trump.

According to those sources, outgoing House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) and Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) agreed that her Democratic caucus would join Boehner along with a handful of Boehner loyalists and moderate establishment Republicans to continue Planned Parenthood funding, along with a few other budget items President Obama says were must-haves, in order to avoid a Government shutdown.

Boehner resigned because he knew that after he cut that deal, conservatives in his own party would be so furious with him that it would make challenges to his Speakership a certainty, sources say. Even if he survived those challenges, his remaining year and three months in office would be contentious and personally uncomfortable for him.

One source specifically said that the deal was limited to a continuing resolution that would last only until December 11.

Boehner’s last day as Speaker and member of the House of Representatives is slated for October 30.~snip~
The republican party adamantly refuse's to even attempt to do what their constituents want. Even just a little bit.
Donald Trump runs as a republican, generates a popular platform and the RINO party completely rejects it and then makes deals with the devil....er....democrats.
And they and the pundits don't understand why people are rejecting their "establishment candidates"..

You'd think by now they would try to buy a clue.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Musical Interlude 9/25/2015

A little Slow Hand, Eric Clapton on acoustic guitar playing Layla.

Breaking:Boehner to Resign at end of October

I'll believe it when/if it happens. 
I can't really see RINOs giving up their power and who's to say his replacement will be any better?

Boehner Will Resign from Congress
WASHINGTON — Speaker John A. Boehner will resign from Congress and give up his House seat at the end of October, according to aides in his office.
Mr. Boehner was under extreme pressure from the right wing of his conference over whether or not to defund Planned Parenthood in a bill to keep the government open.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Why Trump is doing so well

Not that the RNC will ever concede to the fact that they are nothing more than a elitist club who believe that they have a right to tell us what we want right or wrong and we're supposed to just shut up and go along.

Most Agree With Trump on America's Lost Greatness, Bloomberg Poll Finds
Americans are “fed up” with politics, suspect the wealthy are getting an unfair edge, and think the country is going in the wrong direction, according to a new Bloomberg Politics poll that lays bare the depth and breadth of the discontents propelling outsider candidates in the Republican presidential field. 
The survey shows that 72 percent of Americans think their country isn't as great as it once was—a central theme of front-runner Donald Trump's campaign. More than a third prefer a presidential candidate without experience in public office. 
Three of the four candidates leading the Republican field fit that description: Trump, the first choice of 21 percent of registered Republicans and voters who say they lean that way, followed by neurosurgeon Ben Carson with 16 percent, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush with 13 percent, and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina with 11 percent.~snip~
 The republican party is so clueless that even with an example of how to clearly generate enthusiasm and support all the candidates pretty much just fall into the party line.

Aircraft Commuter Traffic

Here's something you don't see every day.

Video captures plane speeding down Irvine street
A week ago, a small plane landed on an Irvine street. 
Now, video has emerged showing the Piper Cherokee aircraft quickly gliding down Red Hill Avenue, looking much like a normal car. 
The plane was approaching John Wayne Airport when its engine failed. No one was hurt, and the plane eventually came to a stop. 
A flight school owns the plane.
Grabbed from American Power.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Harridans at the View Shoot themselves in foot

You know as long as these hags have been on it amazes me that it took them so long to finally be seen for what they are.
After trashing the profession of nursing they finally get the backlash they deserve.

Johnson and Johnson and Egglands best pulled out first then they were followed by,3 more advertisers.

It also seems their apology wasn't worth much either.

After a week of damage control and apologies for mocking a nurse,  a guest co-host on “The View” reports that none of it was sincere. Behind-the-scenes “The View’s” mockery of the profession marched ever onward. 
After co-hosts Michelle Collins and Joy(less) Behar aired a segment where they ridiculed a nurse who participated in the Miss America contest, the embattled gabfest found itself consumed by social media blowback, which eventually resulted in the loss of five major advertisers: Johnson & Johnson, Eggland’s Best, Party City, Snuggle and McCormick. 
Wednesday, in the hopes of containing the fallout, the women offered an on-air apology. According to Nicole Arbour, a guest co-host, the apology was far from sincere. She claims that after the apology, while the show was not on the air, the ladies went right back to trashing nurses, ‘Yeah, that’s not a real profession. They want to be doctors.’
To clever for their own good, I guess us rubes don't get the sophistication of their edgy left-wing humor.
Good times...good times.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Left wingers Foul and Narcissistic

I really don't think this will surprise many people.

Left-wingers swear more, Twitter study claims
Left-wingers are more likely to use swear words than their right-leaning counterparts, a study of thousands of Twitter accounts has suggested.
While conservative-leaning individuals are, perhaps unsuprisingly, more likely to use religious terms such as "God" and "psalm", those on the liberal end of the political spectrum are heavy users of "f***" and "s***" online. 
Researchers at Queen Mary University in London analysed more than 10,000 Twitter users who follow either the Republican or Democrat party Twitter accounts.
Once the most common English words were stripped out, researchers analysed the "most differentiating" words - those used significantly more by one group than the other.
Both "f***" and "s***" appeared in left-wingers' 20 most common differentiating words.
Conservatives, who "are more likely to emphasise group identity and consensus" according to the researchers, tended to use group terms like "we" and "our", while terms like "I" and "me" were used by liberals more often.~snip~
Leftists are incapable of having a conversation. I've yet to encounter one who can give a reasoned argument for there position or a proper rebuttal when challenged.
Always right to the swear words.
That's why I've given up engaging with them.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

How to Support an Anti-Christian Bigot

Just buy Doritos.
Dan Savage has absolutely no redeeming value whatsoever and any "good cause" he sponsors suffers because of his association.


I haven't noticed any big ad campaign proclaiming that Dan Savage and Doritos have teamed up for support of the "it gets better" campaign. Most likely because Doritos wants to make sure they are at a safe distance from Savage.

Times Republican Debate Poll

For what it's worth here is an online republican debate poll by Time magazine.
Trump is at 67%
Fiorina at 13%
Everyone else polling in the single digits.

Who Won the Second Republican Presidential Debate? Vote Now

I'm sure we'll get a better picture after the professional pollsters get through massaging the data later today.
Trump almost 62% at Drudge.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Democrat says,"there will be no fun!!"

Unless they approve of course.
What this is is an obvious ploy to shakedown these sites for more government revenue cause ya know......they've been such good stewards of our tax money so far......amirite!!!

Eye on the ball: Democrat wants hearings on fantasy football websites

Democrats are like the, mob always looking for a bigger cut.

Jeb! Wrong on 2nd Amendment

And pretty much everything else. His position on immigration is a no starter for me,and even though some of this is tongue in cheek, there is nothing he has said that indicates to me that he is a serious candidate.