Sunday, April 20, 2014

Liberal Idiot

I'm not sure this needs a whole of comment but Chris Hayes is definitely out of his element here. He really should have stayed home.

SPLC Continues Conning the Public

There's this weird idea out there that the Southern Poverty Law Center actually cares about civil rights and "hate" in America. 
Truth is that they're simply a money generating machine that uses slander and leftist sensibilities to scare people into donating.
Their list of "anti-government groups or militias" is pretty laughable.

Record number of anti-government militias in USA
Radical anti-government "patriot" groups and militias, galvanized against gun control, will continue to grow even as the number of groups operating in the USA reached an all-time high in 2012, a report Tuesday by the Southern Poverty Law Center finds.
The center tracked 1,360 radical militias and anti-government groups in 2012, an eightfold increase over 2008, when it recorded 149 such groups. The explosive growth began four years ago, sparked by the election of President Obama and anger about the poor economy, the center says. That growth is likely to continue as the groups recruit more members with a pro-gun message, the center's senior fellow Mark Potok said.~snip~
They've in essence reduced anyone who believes in the second amendment or limited government as a "radical".  Believing in certain amendments of the constitution  like say the first, the fourth or the fifth is OK but believing in the second makes you an anti-government loon.
I'm not anti-government, I'm anti-over reaching government. Being a "Patriot" is not a dirty word and when the hell are Americans going to push back against media organizations who use the SPLC as a source for anything.
The SPLC is nothing but a self serving group of leftist goons and the liberal media are basically acting as their fund raising organization.
We need to stop buying into it.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Vaccines, Victims of their own Success

There's been a lot of noise recently about vaccines for children and celebrities who advocate skipping them for various reasons.  Along with Jenny McCarthy, Alicia Silverstone has jumped on the crazy train of vaccine deniers.

Miso soup to prevent measles? Why Alicia Silverstone is feeding her two-year-old son a plant-based diet instead of getting him vaccinated

There's really not much to quote there because what she believes is basically ditzy crap.
Although this attitude doesn't surprise me mainly because vaccines have been so successful.
When I was growing up I met kids my own age who were victims of polio who had wasted limbs, for the rest of their lives. They couldn't participate in sports or run away from girls or after boys, they got to wear braces on their legs and a few related tales about older or younger siblings who lost their lives to polio.
I also met adults with terrible scars on their faces from smallpox with similar stories about relatives they had lost to smallpox.
You don't see those things much anymore, mostly because of vaccinations smallpox has been eradicated in the world and polio is not far behind. So far anyway.
I've also had mumps,chickenpox and measles. Conditions I wouldn't wish on anyone because they are miserable diseases and can be fatal as well.

Because of vaccines mumps,chickenpox and measles are not common. There are no more "contagious parties" where parents would take their kids to expose them to "get it over with" because for the most part it was one and done.
Because of vaccines people don't have to be exposed to the misery and suffering that these diseases cause.
That's why these celebutards can get away with spewing this stuff. If they were exposed to family and friends who suffered or where lost due to these diseases then I seriously doubt they would be giving bad advice on how to protect your children.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Obama Dances Around Biden Endorsment
Some how I don't get the feeling that the Obamessiah and Joe are besties.
When the time comes I'm betting Obama's endorsement will go to Hillary as payback for her losing the nomination to him in the first place.
On the other hand Obama probably doesn't feel like wasting his endorsement.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Government Confiscation of S.S. Overpayments Halted "for review"

So last week a story hits about the government seizing taxpayers refunds to satisfy old Social Security payments Payments that were made decades ago.
It seems that there was a line inserted into the farm bill removing the 10 year statute of limitations on debts to the government(as taxpayers we have a whole lot less than 10 years to apply for moneys owed us by the government).
About 400,000 people are on the hook for these old debts, but the good news is that since it's come to light and because of some backlash prompting some politicians to walk back from their previous support for the bill, the Social Security administration has decided to halt the collections pending a "review".

 Social Security halts effort to collect old debts
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Social Security Administration is suspending a program in which thousands of people were having their tax refunds seized to recoup overpayments that happened more than a decade ago.
Acting Social Security Commissioner Carolyn W. Colvin said Monday she has directed an immediate halt to the program while the agency does a review.
Social Security recipients and members of Congress complained that people were being forced to repay overpayments that were sometimes paid to their parents or guardians when they were children.
"While this policy of seizing tax refunds to repay decades-old Social Security overpayments might be allowed under the law, it is entirely unjust," Democratic Sens. Senators Barbara Boxer of California and Barbara Mikulski of Maryland said in a letter to Colvin.
After Colvin's announcement, Boxer said in a statement: "I am grateful that the Social Security Administration has chosen not to penalize innocent Americans while the agency determines a fair path forward on how to handle past errors."
The Social Security Administration says it has identified about 400,000 people with old debts. They owe a total of $714 million.~snip~
A "review" doesn't necessarily mean they are going to suspend the program nor is Barbara Boxer or Barbara Mikulski seem to be inclined to call for reinstatement of the 10 year statute of limitations. What is apparently happening is that the government agencies involved are looking for a cooling off period so they can go ahead and move forward with the program with a little less attention.
One thing that seems to be missing is a review as to why the incompetent civil servants managed to overpay to the tune of $714 million. As always it's never the bureaucrats fault and they'll never be held accountable.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Rotating Hacks

One thing you can be sure of and that is no matter who the public official is that "resigns" there will certainly be a partisan hack behind them ready to go to new heights of incompetence.

On Thursday, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius resigned her position. The New York Times reported the resignation as a punishment for failure:
Officials said Ms. Sebelius, 65, made the decision to resign and was not forced out. But the frustration at the White House over her performance had become increasingly clear, as administration aides worried that the crippling problems at, the website set up to enroll Americans in insurance exchanges, would result in lasting damage to the president’s legacy.
So Sebelius stuck around just long enough to reach the mythical 7 million enrollment number so Obama didn’t have a major public relations fiasco on his hands. Then she was forced out – although, in a final touch of somewhat charming bewilderment, she announced to the press that she had no clue just how many Americans who signed up for Obamacare were previously uninsured. Competent to the very last drop.
This, of course, provided a vicious coup de grace to Sebelius’ waning reputation. In order to prevent the fallout from wounding The One, Obama acolytes rushed to Sebelius’ defense, hoping to rehabilitate both her and Obamacare by proxy.~snip~
Forcing Sebelius out does nothing to change the fact that many Americans were hurt badly by her clumsy implementation of Obamacare. The only thing that will change is the name of the one in charge of the clusterf*ck known as Obamacare.

Also in case anyone is still buying the BS about Obamacare victims not being real.


Sins of the Fathers

Here's something we all should have expected. The governments extreme overreach into the distant past to be able to confiscate even more of our money. What's even more chilling about this is that they don't even need specifics about what is owed from decades ago.

 Social Security, Treasury target taxpayers for their parents’ decades-old debts
A few weeks ago, with no notice, the U.S. government intercepted Mary Grice’s tax refunds from both the IRS and the state of Maryland. Grice had no idea that Uncle Sam had seized her money until some days later, when she got a letter saying that her refund had gone to satisfy an old debt to the government — a very old debt.
When Grice was 4, back in 1960, her father died, leaving her mother with five children to raise. Until the kids turned 18, Sadie Grice got survivor benefits from Social Security to help feed and clothe them.
Now, Social Security claims it overpaid someone in the Grice family — it’s not sure who — in 1977. After 37 years of silence, four years after Sadie Grice died, the government is coming after her daughter. Why the feds chose to take Mary’s money, rather than her surviving siblings’, is a mystery.
Across the nation, hundreds of thousands of taxpayers who are expecting refunds this month are instead getting letters like the one Grice got, informing them that because of a debt they never knew about — often a debt incurred by their parents — the government has confiscated their check.
The Treasury Department has intercepted $1.9 billion in tax refunds already this year — $75 million of that on debts delinquent for more than 10 years, said Jeffrey Schramek, assistant commissioner of the department’s debt management service. The aggressive effort to collect old debts started three years ago — the result of a single sentence tucked into the farm bill lifting the 10-year statute of limitations on old debts to Uncle Sam.~snip~
Notice how the sentence was pretty much just snuck into the bill with the government feeling no obligation to inform anyone about it's backhanded plan to seize our assets under almost any circumstances.
It's a pretty sad situation to realize that the government who is supposed to work for us schemes behind our backs.