Friday, December 19, 2014

A Symbol of Freedom No More

I ran across this article.

A Dictator’s Best Friend
“It’s a sad day for freedom,” Marco Rubio told Bret Baier after President Obama announced he would normalize relations with Cuba. Not a sad day, senator: a sad year.
If there was a theme to 2014, it was Obama’s persistence in bailing out dictators and theocrats from political scrapes and economic hardships, his tenacity in pursuit of engagement with America’s adversaries no matter the cost to our strength, principles, credibility, or alliances.
In this president the thugs in Havana and Caracas, Damascus and Tehran, Moscow and Naypyidaw and Beijing have no better friend. For these bullies, these evildoers, these millenarians and sectarians, Barack Obama is more than a dupe. He is an insurance policy.
Cuba is but the latest example of this president’s failing to exercise leverage in the pursuit of American strength and security and prestige. Here are the Castro brothers, decrepit and spent, their revolution a joke, their economy in peril thanks to the collapse in oil prices brought on by a strong dollar and increased U.S. supply.
The China option—foreign direct investment from America—is Raul and Fidel’s only play to sustain power over the society they have impoverished. And Obama says yes, yes to everything: an embassy, an ambassador, diplomatic relations, travel and exchange, status among nations, removal from the list of state sponsors of terror, and a serious opportunity to lessen the embargo that has kept the dictators caged for decades.
In return, the Castro brothers give up … well, what? Alan Gross, a political prisoner and persecuted religious minority who shouldn’t have been imprisoned in the first place? A second man who has been in captivity for decades? Thin gruel.~snip~
As I read this it pretty much brought home what we have given up in the past 6 years under the yolk of Obama and his minions while in office.
We have turned from a beacon of freedom in the world to the enablers of dictators and terrorist states.
In all of my 60 years I never would have thought I would live long enough to see a whole industry in America cowering before a petty little despot. While I'm sure Seth Rogen and James Franco's "the Interview" comes no where near a cinematic masterpiece deserving of the outrage and hand wringing it's getting the fact that the Norks can stifle it is unsettling.

One thing that people forget about Cuba is that we wouldn't have had to deal with Castro and his terrorist state if another democrat coward,Kennedy,had followed through on his promise to provide air support to the counter-revolutionary military that we trained and then abandoned at the Bay of Pigs.

Cuba has been propped up first by the now defunct Soviet Union until its collapse and then various other Latin American socialist countries, most recently Venezuela. Now that their socialist policies are collapsing Obama runs to the rescue of the Castro brothers.
After 50 years Cuba was on the verge of economic collapse and the Obama regime throws them a life line.

As a country we've not only lost our way but we're being herded to insignificance.
Thanks Barry.

The Marijuana Gap

Here's an interesting turn.
A couple of states are suing Colorado because pot is legal there.

(emphasis added)
Nebraska and Oklahoma Sue Colorado Over Marijuana Law
DENVER — Two heartland states filed the first major court challenge to marijuana legalization on Thursday, saying that Colorado’s growing array of state-regulated recreational marijuana shops was piping marijuana into neighboring states and should be shut down.
The lawsuit was brought by attorneys general in Nebraska and Oklahoma, and asks the United States Supreme Court to strike down key parts of a 2012 voter-approved measure that legalized marijuana in Colorado for adult use and created a new system of stores, taxes and regulations surrounding retail marijuana.
While marijuana remains illegal under federal law, officials have largely allowed Colorado and other states to move ahead with state-run programs allowing medical and recreational marijuana. But the lawsuit from Nebraska and Oklahoma, where marijuana is still outlawed, argues that Colorado has “created a dangerous gap” in the federal drug-control system.
“Marijuana flows from this gap into neighboring states,” the suit says, undermining their marijuana bans, “draining their treasuries, and placing stress on their criminal justice systems.”~snip~
I have a hard time believing the “draining their treasuries" claim seeing as how asset forfeiture is a big thing with states. Along with criminal penalties asset forfeiture, like taxes, assures an income stream. As far as stressing their criminal justice system there's an easy remedy for that.
There's another option besides making it legal and taxing the crap out of it or making it illegal and seizing property and levying fines.
Decriminalize the use or possession of pot in small amounts. Say around a pound and allow the private sale or bartering between individuals and place a limit on the number of plants that can be cultivated on ones private property.

I'm against out and out legalization on the grounds that it simply creates another revenue stream for greedy local and state governments to squander away.... like they do all taxes.
Legalizing it, as the article says, just creates a new system of taxes and regulations along with inefficient, unionized and incompetent government workers along with it.

Law enforcement should be using their resources to go after murderers,rapists,robbers and others who commit dangerous crimes against society.
Not wasting their time going after recreational pot users cause that really is a strain on the criminal justice system.

A Leftard Christmas

This is great and good on these guys for demonstrating the absurdity of the commie/progressive/liberal political correctness that has infested society.

Here's a bonus article I found that's worth reading and fits right in with the video.

Why Liberals Really, Really Hate Us

Democrats in Republican Clothing

Just because a candidate has an "R" beside his name doesn't necessarily mean he's going to vote to change things in Washington.

Conservatives Lambaste 20 GOP Senators Who Voted for Amnesty
( – There is a growing backlash against 20 Senate Republicans who less than a month ago publicly stated that  President Obama’s executive amnesty was unconstitutional, only to turn around and vote in favor of funding it last week, conservative leaders say.
“This was easy. All of them said they were against amnesty. All they had to do was press a button,” Ken Cuccinelli, president of the Senate Conservatives Fund, told
“For them to roll over so close to an election in which Obamacare, executive amnesty, and Obama’s massive and lawless expansion of presidential power were the top three issues is pretty amazing.”
Cuccinelli said he is “shocked” that 20 Senate Republicans “defected from the Constitution, defected from the Founding Fathers,” noting that the grassroots is indignant over what it correctly views as a betrayal of conservative principles.
“We just had a judge yesterday reconfirm that what the president did was unconstitutional. There’s no good excuse for what they did, which was to vote completely contrary to their own recent remarks,” Cuccinelli added. “This is beyond any reasonable understanding, unless they did not really believe what they were saying.”~snip~
Polls have consistently shown that the  American people are opposed to Obamacare,Amnesty and Obama's abuse of power by clear majorities and yet even when we elect representatives to oppose these, and other things, the RINOs side with the oppressors.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Enforcement Arm of Democrat Party May Shutdown

Russia had the KGB, East Germany had the Stasi and Obama and the democrats have the IRS. The government agency charged with enforcing Obamacare with an all access pass to our financial and  medical information has had its budget cut and they're claiming they are hurting.

IRS warns of possible shutdown
The IRS is considering its own temporary shutdown due to recent budget cuts enacted by Congress, its chief said Thursday.
IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said furloughs — forced unpaid days off for employees as part of an IRS closure — is one idea reluctantly being tossed about to save money, though they are hoping they will not have to go there.
“There is no way we can say right now that that won’t happen,” Koskinen told reporters at a press conference on the upcoming tax season. “Again, I would stress that would be the last option.”~snip~
What better way to oppress people in a free market economy than with an all powerful agency given the power to creep through every aspect of our lives?
I's time this partisan agency was disbanded and another method found to fund government.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Even Atheists think Some Atheists are Obnoxious

Probably the most amazing thing I've ever heard is a douchebag atheists comparing their plight to fight against small discounts for small acts of piety with the struggle for civil rights.
This segment from the left leaning "Daily Show" is a perfect example of someone who is searching for a cause because, well he's just a little attention whore.

Daily Show: Atheist Group ‘Petty A**holes’ Who Need to ‘Lighten the F**k Up’

Whatever argument exists for the need to keep government and religion separate is completely nullified by the petty demands made by these very small people.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Yeah it's Come to this

I found a link to this in my Facebook feed that goes to Glenn Becks site. In the link is a transcript of the "invocation" given by what is apparently a deranged liberal/commie/progressive believer  in "diversity".
Mother Earth, we gather today in your redeeming and glorious presence, to invoke your eternal guidance in the universe, the original Creator of all things.
May the efforts of this council blend the righteousness of Allah with the all-knowing wisdom of Satan. May Zeus, the great God of justice, grant us strength tonight. Jesus might forgive our shortcomings while Buddha enlightens us through His divine affection. We praise you, Krishna, for the sanguine sacrifice that freed us all. After all, if Almighty Thor is with us, who can ever be against us?
And finally, for the bounty of logic, reason, and science, we simply thank the atheists, agnostics, Humanists, who now account for 1 in 5 Americans, and [are] growing rapidly. In closing, let us, above all, love one another, not to obtain mythical rewards for ourselves now, hereafter, or based on superstitious threats of eternal damnation, but rather, embrace secular-based principles of morality — and do good for goodness’ sake.
And so we pray.
I would think that if you were going to give an invocation to Allah, Zeus, Satan, Buddha, Krishna and Thor that there should be at least one person who believes in each or at a minimum all of said "deities".
But that isn't really the point. The point is to make a mockery of religious belief and by extension a mockery of the American form of government.
He could have accomplished the same thing by simply saying,"F*ck religion and anyone who believes in it" saving some time and whole lot of stupidity.
But then that would defeat the purpose of this left wing, self entitled attention whore.

They just can't have that.
Shame on the commission for enabling this self centered little moron.