Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Beginninig

Politics in this country has become all about the distractions, the current administration is looking for anything to distract the public from high gas prices, crushing EPA regulations to businesses, stealth taxes, high unemployment and the massive deficits that drive it.

Lost in all the blather is the everyday man, woman and their families trying to survive day to day. Losing their jobs and trying to find a way to live in an ever tightening job market.

Maybe no one will read this or a maybe few will but someones got to write about who is really missing out on the American dream while the politicians squabble about things that the government has no business sticking their noses in.

I'm a victim of the "little things", suffering a job loss at an age that makes it very difficult to find someone who'll offer me a another job. To old to appeal to employers and slightly to young for Social Security but almost there.
Either way, with the current situation, my prospects look bleak, along with millions of others.

This is going to be my vent, my documenting of the faceless, uncaring bureaucracy as I maneuver through it and my trials at finding suitable employment in the worse economic climate I've ever seen in over 50 years.

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