Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gingrich out, Paulbots Continue to Beat Dead Horse

While Mitt Romney is not my second (third, forth.....) choice it appears he's what we'll have to settle for.

Candidate Gingrich ends campaign but vows to keep fighting as 'Citizen' Gingrich

I wasn't all that enthused about Newt either but truth be told I preferred him over Romney. In an election year where the rallying cry will be "Please God, anybody but Obama" we're just going to have to get behind Mitt and vote this failed administration out of office.
Fortunately we haven't been driven over the edge quite yet and are ready to vote in a crazy old libertarian, in spite of Ron Paul's rabid paranoid, 9/11 trooother brigade.

Paul supporters create delegate mischief

These poor misguided losers just can't get it that the American public just won't accept their loonie candidate. Why should we?
I've seen Paul's supporters advocate some of the most asinine conspiracies out there on the web, from chemtrails to 9/11 trutherism and everything in between.

They know as well as anyone else that this will be their last shot so they're going to try and go for all the marbles, obstructing and interfering in any way to get attention.

Hopefully after this election they'll all skulk back to their conspiracy forums where they can discuss the moon landing hoax, leaving the rest of America to get back to the business of limited government and prosperity.
We didn't lose those things over night and we won't instantly get them back by electing an old crank.

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