Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dems Declare War on our Warriors

I don't think it's any coincidence that democrat and dumb both begins with D's.

 Army suspends tuition assistance program for troops

WIESBADEN, Germany — The Army announced Friday it is suspending its tuition assistance program for soldiers newly enrolling in classes due to sequestration and other budgetary pressures.
“This suspension is necessary given the significant budget execution challenges caused by the combined effects of a possible year-long continuing resolution and sequestration,” Paul Prince, an army personnel spokesman at the Pentagon, wrote in an email to Stars and Stripes. “The Army understands the impacts of this action and will re-evaluate should the budgetary situation improve.”
The Army’s announcement follows a similar move by the Marine Corps.
The Army’s tuition assistance program was available for troops to complete a high school diploma, certificate program or college or master’s degree. Under the program, the Army paid 100 percent of the tuition and authorized fees charged by a school up to established limits of $250 per semester hour or credit hour or up to $4,500 per fiscal year.~snip~
Funny how they go for the perks that make voluntary enlistment a little more attractive for service members but completely over look the bloated bureaucracy that is Washington DC. I mean I could accept this a little more if the first thing done after sequestration was an immediate 50% wage cut for all civil servants, congressmen and senators.
But we all know that will never happen.

Then to add further insult to the troops there's this.

Shameful Colo. Dem lawmaker: No veterans should have high-capacity mags because ‘some’ are mentally ill

During Friday’s marathon gun control hearing in the Colorado Senate, Republican Sen. Kent Lambert offered an amendment to exempt active military members, veterans and their families from the gun magazine ban.
Enter Sen. Mary Hodge, a disgraceful Dem who urged fellow lawmakers to oppose the exemption because “some of them come back with significant mental health problems.”
 This is the kind of crap we're going to have to put up with until the next elections, hopefully the democrats will keep embarrassing themselves enough that even the "low information" voters get disgusted with it.
At least we can always hope.

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