Sunday, March 3, 2013

Symbolism Over Substance

I realize that violence against women is a real issue that needs to be addressed but come on, men walking a mile in high heels?
The only issue they're bringing awareness to is that some men will do anything to look stupid.

Men Walk in Heels for Domestic Violence Prevention

Domestic violence is not just a women's issue, so men put on their high heels and took to the track to raise awareness while walking a mile.
"We have a lot of supporters who are men who want to get the word out that domestic violence is not only a women's issue and this is a great, fun way for them to be involved," said Melanie Palmer, Executive Director at the Northwest Arkansas Women's Shelter.
Men walked a mile in women's shoes.
"Our guys decided that the best thing we could do today was get out here and rock some red heels and make a difference," said participant Mike Gilbert.
He strutted his stuff around the track, and helped raise awareness for domestic violence prevention.
"We couldn't think of anything better to do on a cold Saturday morning than support the people in our community that are really reaching out and making a difference in the lives of people who need help."
More than 100 folks bundled up and braved the morning cold in Bentonville, all for the cause.

All this is is cheap symbolism, a little blurb for local news stations to report on with a little smirk on their faces and a roll of their eyes. 
I guess in the age of Obama all there's left are dumb little stunts like this that in the grand scheme of things changes very little.

You want to reduce violence against women?
How about demanding the government do something about jobs so that so many families aren't pushed into poverty? Doing something for a change to encourage growth in the private sector so people can see a future and something to look forward to instead of the dread and worry about being able to support a family?

That would do more to prevent domestic violence than men wearing high heels around a running track.

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