Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Girls" Ratings Drop

The liberal medias favorite HBO series doesn't seem to be much of a hit with audiences.

Lena Dunham snared her first Saturday Night Live hosting gig at the best possible time. Her HBO series Girls could sure use a PR boost.
The media long ago declared Girls the Next Great Television Series without noticing how few people actually watch it. Scribes were equally effusive about Dunham despite a thin track record.
Dunham's "breakout" film, the 2010 indie dramedy Tiny Furniture, barely registered on the pop culture radar The 2012 feature Nobody Walks, which she co-wrote, earned a grand total of $25,342 during its brief theatrical window.
Now, the audience for Girls in season 3 continues to shrink while HBO's new series True Detective manages to add viewers each week.~snip~
Funny story, I'm a DISH subscriber, basic channels because I live far enough out that antenna viewing is pretty impossible and also so I can watch the NFL.
I actually saw an ad where DISH was advertising "Girls" as a reason to subscribe to HBO. Now I realize that I'm outside of the viewer demographic (which is odd because I've subscribed to DISH for a few years and pay my bill on time, you would think that would be a demographic worth selling to) but it seems to me that if they want more subscribers they would advertise with stronger shows.
Or maybe they were just pandering to the commie/liberal media.
Suffice it to say that I won't be subscribing to HBO based on that recommendation.

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