Saturday, May 17, 2014

EPA Prepares to Lower the Hammer

So for the last week or so Obama and the democrats have been directing the propaganda arm of the democrat party (ABC, NBC, CBS and lesser watched networks...MSNBC,CNN well you know who they are) to really bang away at the whole "global warming" or "climate change" or whatever thing they're calling it this week in advance of the EPA's big announcement.
Really cracking down on the whole carbon thingy.

President Obama’s big carbon crackdown readies for launch
The EPA will launch the most dramatic anti-pollution regulation in a generation early next month, a sweeping crackdown on carbon that offers President Barack Obama his last real shot at a legacy on climate change — while causing significant political peril for red-state Democrats.
The move could produce a dramatic makeover of the power industry, shifting it away from coal-burning plants toward natural gas, solar and wind. While this is the big move environmentalists have been yearning for, it also has major political implications in November for a president already under fire for what the GOP is branding a job-killing “War on Coal,” and promises to be an election issue in energy-producing states such as West Virginia, Kentucky and Louisiana.
The EPA’s proposed rule is aimed at scaling back carbon emissions from existing power plants, the nation’s largest source of greenhouse gases. It’s scheduled for a public rollout June 2, after months of efforts by the administration to publicize the mounting scientific evidence that rising seas, melting glaciers and worsening storms pose a danger to human society.
“This rule is the most significant climate action this administration will take,” said Kyle Aarons at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, one of a host of groups awaiting the rule’s release. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) has urged the EPA to “go ahead boldly” with the rule, saying the agency must step in where Congress has refused to act.
But for coal country, the rule is yet another indignity for an industry already facing a wave of power plant shutdowns amid hostile market forces and a series of separate EPA air regulations. Coal-state Democrats like West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin have joined the criticism, echoing industry warnings that the fossil fuel was crucial to keeping the lights on in much of the U.S. during this past brutal winter.~snip~
Leave it to democrats and Obama to try and solve a problem that doesn't exist. So much easier to solve those than trying to stimulate the economy so the middle class won't cease to exist as we know it.
Oh hell...putting together a coherent foreign policy is next to impossible without a solution to the dreaded carbon footprint.

The only problem is that it's based on something the current administration knows all to well.
A lie.

Where Did ’97 Percent’ Global Warming Consensus Figure Come From?
~snip~But Cook’s 97 percent consensus claim was rebutted in subsequent analyses of his study. A paper by five leading climatologists published in the journal Science and Education last year found that Cook’s study misrepresented the views of most consensus scientists.
The definition Cook used to get his consensus was weak, the climatologists said. Only 41 out of the 11,944 published climate studies examined by Cook explicitly stated that mankind caused most of the warming since 1950 — meaning the actual consensus is 0.3 percent.
“It is astonishing that any journal could have published a paper claiming a 97% climate consensus when on the authors’ own analysis the true consensus was well below 1%,” said Dr. David Legates, a geology professor at the University of Delaware and the study’s lead author.~snip~
Workers and consumers are going to both take a hit from Obama's EPA one will lose jobs and income the other will see rates rise.
All for a "consensus" of .3%.

It just gets better and better don't it?

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