Saturday, May 17, 2014

Obamas Silver Bullet?

Bill Clinton seemed to be the teflon president. Any and all scandals that were thrown at him never seemed to stick. Mostly because the media would do what they have always done with leftist administrations.
Cover for them like a blanket.
Because of Clinton the corrupt media has refined the art of covering leftist/liberal ass.
Until now....maybe.

Veterans scandal risks engulfing Obama

Leftists believe and have been able to spin other boneheaded fumbles of this administration as contrived, but the scandal over deceiving veterans and allowing some to die is not something that the lapdog media can sweep under the rug for their democrat masters.
It's also a precursor for what the democrats have in store for us and our loved ones.
You know this is government health care, implemented in the same way the post office,IRS, EPA,and every other incompetent federal program ever enacted.
Why we would want to entrust the government, especially one headed by an incompetent boob like Obama, to safeguard the health of our families is beyond me.

But hey!!
He won so we should get over it....amirite!!!

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