Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Tale of Immigrant Graditude

Here's another article that's worth reading, good thing it's the weekend and you don't have to rush through it to be on time for work.

Deport the Tsarnaev sisters
The Sisters Tsarnaeva have been nothing but trouble. Double, bubbling trouble.

While their Boston Marathon bomber brother Dzhokhar awaits trial this month for the bloody 2012 attacks that killed three and injured hundreds, his elder Chechen immigrant siblings Ailina and Bella remain on the loose in the U.S. after their own frequent run-ins with the law.

Last week, Ailina was arrested in Harlem after allegedly threatening “to blow up her live-in lover’s baby mama,” as the New York Post reported. Police charged Ailina, 23, with aggravated harassment and released her.

Will the legal system learn? Ailina’s time in America sends one clear message: No consequences. More trouble.

In 2013, she was released without bail in South Boston in connection with a three-year-old counterfeiting case. Prosecutors said she obstructed their investigation. They charged her with willfully lying to police in 2010.~snip~
This example is not an isolated story but is repeated countless times all over this country almost every day.
Obama is bound and determined to fling open the borders soon. Well just as soon as the midterms are over so it won't impact the other open border democrats.
Because, you see, Obama and the democrats have so little respect for the intelligence of voters that they believe postponing the threat to override congress will just pass over our heads.
But then again Obama was reelected despite his abysmal first four years.
Maybe he's on to something?

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