Friday, September 5, 2014

Democrats Sad Cycle of Failure

Liberals used to delight in pointing out how stupid and out of touch George W. Bush was supposed to be yet somehow he knew the danger that we're facing now from an Iraq that was abandoned to soon.
Yet they still believe that rainbows and unicorn farts is the best way to deal with the savagery and brutality of ISIS/ISIL
I can't think of any democrat president or adminstration that has left office with the world in better shape than it was when they began.
Between JFK abandoning fighters at the Bay of Pigs, Johnson and McNamara escalating Vietnam then refusing to try and win the war to Carter sitting on his hands while Iran fell to the Islamic revolution. Add to that Clinton's failed "humanitarian" mission in Mogadishu and sending cruise missiles to empty tents and the failure of liberal/progressive foreign policy becomes glaring.
It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic.....democrats are the Keystone cops of foreign affairs.....with a body count.
History will not be kind to Obama for his failure to heed the advice of those before him.

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