Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Death of the Press

It seems that I can't post this picture enough because it symbolizes the state of the free press in this country.
See as how the media has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the democrat part for at least 3 decades now.
After white washing Bill Clinton's affairs during his time in the white house, and being surprised that the American public bought it, they've just become bolder with their deceptions.

Brian Williams gets caught in multiple lies so obviously some commie/liberal journalist has to find a "right wing" offender to equivocate the sin to.
So one of the least respected libtard publications floats a Bill Or'Reilly story. A few other leftist websites pick it up to pretty much a big yawn.
I'm not really a fan of O'Reilly's but his response was pretty good  and the 2 situations are not equivalent.
Williams was busted by troops who were there, Mother Jones relies on others working in the media to get their "gotcha" story. Seeing as how "journalists" have already shown themselves to be self serving liars there really isn't much legs to this.
Now we got the "Giuliani" scandal and judging by the last midterms I would say he's not the only one who wonders about Obama's loyalty to America.
A look at the last 6 years of his "presidency" would give most people pause to wonder the same things.

But don't worry, Obama's media apologists have his ass covered, like always.
Take a look at this thread at Twitchy.

The Federalist’s Sean Davis unloads on media’s Giuliani obsession; What about these scandals?

The saddest part of all this is the fact that we don't have to worry about government destroying a free press in this country. The leftist/commie infiltrators in the media are doing a good job of it already.

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