Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Little Ice Age

Here's a little reminder that we're really just tenets on this planet as opposed to owners.
Before democrats volcanoes used to spew crap into the atmosphere.

Feeling cold? Be glad it’s not 1815
The cold snap across central Canada has many of us wishing we could be anywhere but here. Those shivering folks in Brandon, Man. (-40 C), in Rouyn-Noranda, Que. (-34) and even Toronto (-30, with the windchill) may not want to hear this, but it could be a lot worse. At least we can be reasonably sure this winter will end.
That wasn’t true 200 years ago, when the country that would become Canada was about to be plunged into the cold snap to end all cold snaps. A series of volcanic eruptions around the world tossed ash into the air, blocking the sun and cooling the Earth’s surface temperature by an average of 1 degree Fahrenheit, though some places were more affected than others.~snip~
 I believe this was before the birth of Al Gore and the church of global warming.

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