Friday, September 18, 2015

Left wingers Foul and Narcissistic

I really don't think this will surprise many people.

Left-wingers swear more, Twitter study claims
Left-wingers are more likely to use swear words than their right-leaning counterparts, a study of thousands of Twitter accounts has suggested.
While conservative-leaning individuals are, perhaps unsuprisingly, more likely to use religious terms such as "God" and "psalm", those on the liberal end of the political spectrum are heavy users of "f***" and "s***" online. 
Researchers at Queen Mary University in London analysed more than 10,000 Twitter users who follow either the Republican or Democrat party Twitter accounts.
Once the most common English words were stripped out, researchers analysed the "most differentiating" words - those used significantly more by one group than the other.
Both "f***" and "s***" appeared in left-wingers' 20 most common differentiating words.
Conservatives, who "are more likely to emphasise group identity and consensus" according to the researchers, tended to use group terms like "we" and "our", while terms like "I" and "me" were used by liberals more often.~snip~
Leftists are incapable of having a conversation. I've yet to encounter one who can give a reasoned argument for there position or a proper rebuttal when challenged.
Always right to the swear words.
That's why I've given up engaging with them.

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