Sunday, September 20, 2015

Harridans at the View Shoot themselves in foot

You know as long as these hags have been on it amazes me that it took them so long to finally be seen for what they are.
After trashing the profession of nursing they finally get the backlash they deserve.

Johnson and Johnson and Egglands best pulled out first then they were followed by,3 more advertisers.

It also seems their apology wasn't worth much either.

After a week of damage control and apologies for mocking a nurse,  a guest co-host on “The View” reports that none of it was sincere. Behind-the-scenes “The View’s” mockery of the profession marched ever onward. 
After co-hosts Michelle Collins and Joy(less) Behar aired a segment where they ridiculed a nurse who participated in the Miss America contest, the embattled gabfest found itself consumed by social media blowback, which eventually resulted in the loss of five major advertisers: Johnson & Johnson, Eggland’s Best, Party City, Snuggle and McCormick. 
Wednesday, in the hopes of containing the fallout, the women offered an on-air apology. According to Nicole Arbour, a guest co-host, the apology was far from sincere. She claims that after the apology, while the show was not on the air, the ladies went right back to trashing nurses, ‘Yeah, that’s not a real profession. They want to be doctors.’
To clever for their own good, I guess us rubes don't get the sophistication of their edgy left-wing humor.
Good times...good times.

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