Wednesday, May 24, 2017

They're not our friends

This can, of course, be extended to all of the legacy media.
For decades the only thing coming from the media is news and opinion as it pertains to the east and west coasts. What's important to them and forcing their attitudes and opinions on the rest of the country.
So I say we should all feel the same way.

Trump: 'F—k the New York Times'
The latest round of White House staff shake-up stories has prompted a change in how President Trump's team handles the media, shifting away from engaging in issue debates with reporters to a blunt yes-no approach.

Insiders said it is driven by Trump who was angered by a New York Times story predicting a staff shake-up that included dumping spokesman Sean Spicer. It was headlined: Looking Like a Liar or a Fool: What It Means to Work for Trump.

"Fuck the New York Times," Trump said. "They're not our friends. We're never going to win them over," he added, according to a Trump insider.

The change was most notably seen in Spicer's latest White House briefings. Where he used to battle with reporters, he shifted to saying little beyond policy statements. For example, in a short eight-minute Air Force One gaggle, he referred to earlier statements six times.

The goal "is to get across to the public that the media are assholes," the insider said.~snip~

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