Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Cable Provider Carnival

Just a little change here on what to rant about.
Last night I got one of those survey calls from COX as a follow up on a service call they did a few days prior to replace a malfunctioning modem that they sold me about a month before.

I could go on about that and the fact that it's the second modem I've gotten since the one I had for about four years died on me.
To add insult to injury the "survey" was one of those female mechanical voices that expected me to "answer" questions for it.
Hey COX, I'm not going to sit here and answer any questions into a mechanical device, what idiot would?
I'm a human being and if you want to show that you value your customers like the little robotic voice says you do then you'd have a real live human contact me to ask questions.

It's not like you can't afford it, you over charge out the backside for just about everything you offer. Which is why the only service I buy from you is the high speed Internet. I can get all the TV I need from Netflix and Hulu plus at about a quarter of what you charge.
If you're wondering why you're losing subscribers you may want to rethink your business model, and try to treat your customers like they matter.

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