Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Subservience OK as Long as You Don't Flaunt It

I don't think anything could be more symbolic of the current administration than this.

Adidas cancels new 'shackle' sneaker after sharp criticism

Adidas is canceling plans for a sneaker with a shackle-like ankle cuff that some critics say too closely resembles a symbol of slavery.
The company announced Monday that it would withdraw the JS Roundhouse Mid, made in collaboration with fashion designer Jeremy Scott.
The sneaker was supposed to be a reboot of a classic high-top sneaker with a strap across the middle. A preview was offered months ago and generated little chatter, but the company recently started promoting it on its Facebook page.
Many users left comments on the page’s bulletin board ripping the day-glo orange shackles, saying they are particularly offensive to African-Americans because they evoke imagery of slavery and prisoners on the chain gang.
So it's OK to reduce a families net worth by 35% or greater and to make more people reliant on food stamps than any time before in our history. Take over and dictate how our health care is administered and how big a soda we can buy?
But it's inappropriate to sell a shoe with a chain and shackle?
These shoes should be standard issue for every American alive to symbolize the enslavement of the people to a progressive, socialist, nanny state looking to take over every aspect of our lives.
They are a symbol of slavery, a symbol of the American people being enslaved by the progressive left.

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