Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Perfectly Good Catch Phrase Shot to Hell

Dingy Harry tries to be relevant, fails miserably.

Harry Reid Shuts Down Reporter: ‘That’s A Clown Question Bro’
In a press availability with reporters this afternoon Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid shot down a reporter’s question using some rather colorful language.
“I don’t want to answer that question. That’s a clown question bro,” Mr. Reid said eliciting laughs.
Partial audio of the exchange was posted online by The Takeaway’s Washington Correspondent Todd Zwillich. Mr. Zwillich said his recorder was too far away to pick up the question, so he only posted Mr. Reid’s answer.
Mr. Reid’s comment was a reference to Washington Nationals rookie outfielder Bryce Harper who gave the same response last week when a reporter asked him whether he’d celebrate a homerun with a beer.
According to USA Today, Mr. Reid’s unusual response was a provoked by a reporter asking him to respond to “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s comments on the DREAM Act.”
As of this writing, Mr. Reid has not responded to a request for comment on this story.
What a shame, there could have been some nice mileage from "That’s a clown question bro", T-shirts, bumper stickers and possibly some funny photo-shops. But now it'll be associated with a real clown and political dinosaur.

By the sounds of it the only customers for those sorts of things will be the liberal media bootlickers.
How lame is it that they thought Harry Reid saying it was funny?

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