Tuesday, October 16, 2012

After Debate Thoughts of a Forgotten Man

Well, I made the mistake of watching the debate on ABC for one thing.
Candy Crowley of CNN didn't disappoint in showing her obvious liberal bias, for instance.
Romney said it took Obama a long time to admit the episode had been a terrorist attack, but Obama said he had said so the day after in an appearance in the Rose Garden outside the White House. When moderator Candy Crowley of CNN said the president had in fact done so, Obama, prompted, "Say that a little louder, Candy."
Of course she was full of shit but leftards rose up in a collective chorus of "Amen". Biased much Candy?

But what was most interesting to me was this exchange.
Romney said it was "troubling" that Obama continued with a campaign event in Las Vegas on the day after the attack in Libya, an event he said had "symbolic significance and perhaps even material significance."
Obama seemed to bristle. He said it was offensive for anyone to allege that he or anyone in his administration had used the incident for political purposes. "That's not what I do."
Obama chose Faux outrage over an explanation as to why he decided to fund raise after this tragedy instead of staying in Washington to gather the facts.

But the after coverage at ABC was just embarrassing, Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos looked like they could barely refrain from jumping up and down yelling "we won!!! we won!!". The gushing for Obama was unseemly to say the least.
In all the cheer leading for Obama the central theme is lost by the pundits, Romney has a plan to engage business, give relief to the middle class and get people working again.
Obama, who had the congress and the senate for 2 years and still managed to cripple the country, laid out the same plan he had four years ago.

A new plan to get the country on track is the real winner, Romney has it and Obama doesn't, that is what's at stake.

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