Thursday, October 18, 2012

Latching onto Irrelevence

Liberals are simple minded creatures who can't resist colorful objects. Like after the first debate with all the issues involved the one thing they take from it is saving Big Bird.
Not the millions that are unemployed or under employed, not the multi-trillion dollar deficits, or the suffering of the middle class on all levels.
Nope....liberals became obsessed with Big Bird as a symbol for what ails America.

Well after this weeks debate, with unemployment still high, gas prices through the roof, on our way to record deficits and still no answers from the administration on the attack of the consulate in Benghazi and the deaths of four Americans (including the Ambassador).
The bright shiny object progressives are obsessing about is binders.

For instance go to and search for "binders" then read the product reviews.

Pretty silly stuff and it amazes me that liberal commie progressives think so little of the intelligence of the American people that they think they can distract us by pounding away with their juvenile opinions about binders and Big Bird.
Obsessing about these things do nothing to solve the very real problems we are facing in this country because of Obama and the progressive commie democrats that hold our government hostage.

Voters are going to choose their candidate based on the issues that affect them, not on the histrionics of the media and their entitlement minded sycophants.

We'll see how much Big Bird and binders really matter come Nov. 6.

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