Thursday, October 11, 2012

Finally ......I'm Home

Well the last month and a half have been really tumultuous what with my being sick and then moving to a new place. But finally, I got my Internet hooked up and a new home coming to order so I can now pay attention to what's left of the campaign season.

Unfortunately I missed the Romney/Obama debate but I'll look for it on YouTube and watch later, however all I need to know about Obama's poor performance I could find here.

One of the interesting things I observed, while without cable or Internet, was the number of Spiriva and Lifestyle Lift commercials there is on the ABC nightly news.

Wonder if they're trying to pass Diane Sawyer a message.......not exactly playing to the youngest demographic out there are they?
I did catch the Biden/Ryan debate tonight though, not that it really matters much except for the potential Biden comic relief.
Anyway the reason I don't put much stock into VP debates is because we don't elect them and hand the keys to the car to the vice president.
My take on tonights debate is that the liberal media are trying to latch onto anything to mitigate the no show by Obama........If you go by what the alphabet channels are saying then Biden gave another sermon from the mount. But what's really funny is that there are people who are actually cheering for Biden.
You can't tell me that that ain't sad.

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