Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pay the World

Whelp, here we go again with the never ending amnesty of illegal immigrants with the entrenched RINO's falling all over themselves to out amnesty Obama's amnesty and prove to illegals that the GOP *hearts* them more than the Obamessiah.
Hell even the unions love illegals now that their membership is declining and dues dwindling done. Another group for them to exploit and collect millions for distribution to their democrat party overlords.
What a racket huh?

We're getting ready to force people into Obamacare, we can't really make a dent in the number of citizens who are unemployed but now we're going to allow millions more to compete for jobs and benefits.
Oh....and we're going to run out of money for it all eventually and then have millions more in line with us to get their bowl of soup and slice of bread.

But the good news is that the RINO's are getting advice on how to pass illegal immigration reform from none other than Hispanic groups.

Hispanic Group to GOP on Immigration: Avoid Saying 'Illegals,' 'Amnesty,' 'Reagan'
A moderate Republican Hispanic group in favor of comprehensive immigration reform wrote a memo to GOP lawmakers urging them to watch their tone.
The Hispanic Leadership Network wrote the memo to GOP lawmakers on the day a bipartisan group of Senators announced a framework for a comprehensive immigration reform deal. The note encouraged Republicans not to use words like "illegals," "anchor babies," "Reagan," and "amnesty" if they want to pass comprehensive immigration reform. The advice came on the eve of President Barack Obama's announcement of his immigration reform proposal Tuesday.
In the memo, the group urges Republicans to acknowledge that "our current immigration system is broken and we need to fix it." The group believes saying things like "we are against amnesty" makes people think Republicans will be opposed to any immigration reform plan.
In addition, the group also believes Republicans should use "earned legal status" instead of "pathway to citizenship" when discussing the various forms of amnesty that may be included in the bill. Regarding border security, the group advises Republicans to say "enforcement of our borders includes more border patrol, technology, and building a fence where it makes sense," while avoiding phrases like "send them all back," "electric fence," and "build a wall along the entire border."~snip~
Like RINO's need tips on how to kiss illegal immigrants asses.

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