Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ted Nugent to Piers "doofus" Morgan

I'm not real big on the "celebrity worship" that has seemed to grip popular culture nowadays.
Ordinarily I believe that if I want to learn how to play a musical instrument or how to tell a joke then I'd seek out the advice of maybe Eric Clapton or Robin Williams.
On politics .....not so much.
With that said, celebrities do have the same rights as any other citizen. To express their views and I have the right to take them with the grain of salt that they deserve.
However with celebrity comes the opportunity for some entertainers to be put into the position of telling useful idiot media types what a lot of us want to tell them to their obnoxious, self-important, bloated faces.
Ted Nugent gets it right with Piers Morgan.
Take that you fat headed limey idiot.

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