Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dropping the Pretense

So I've been sitting here watching the whole Obamacare fiasco happening and the administration and leftist/commie media spin it.
While basically insulting our intelligence by telling us we ain't smart enough to know we had crap insurance before Obama and the democrats.

But that is what the democrats trade in,lying and elitist snobbery.
This story has been going around showing up in my timeline on facebook and I think  lot of people are asking the wrong question.

Racist? Va. Dem. Lt. Gov. nominee refuses to shake hands with black GOP opponent
During an on-air debate, Ralph Northam, the McAuliffe-backed Democrat running for Lt. Gov. in Virginia, refused to shake hands with E. W. Jackson, his GOP opponent, who happens to be a black minister, Breitbart.com reported Monday.
The on-camera snub took place after Northam confirmed that he wants to massively expand government healthcare. He also refused to deny allegations that he believes traditional Christians have no right to act according to their traditional-marriage views, Breitbart added.~snip~
There's really no doubt that democrats are racist seeing as how the KKK was spawned by the democrat party so that's pretty much a given.
What is in doubt is that people from each party are just expressing opposing views and we should just agree to disagree,shake hands and be friends.
The democrat party has been engaged in slander tactics since their rise to power in Washington,D.C.
As an example just look at the insult hurled by Alan Grayson D-Florida towards people he opposes.

Democrats have been throwing names at conservatives and republicans for a couple of years comparing us to terrorists,the Taliban, repuglithugs, Tea-tards, teabaggers and on and on and it really never stops.
Oh sure our side has gone over the top at times and the lickspittle media, the propaganda arm of the democrat party, makes sure that those slurs are amplified wide and far.
Not so much for the dems and libs though.
Civil discourse left a long time ago. The democrats have demonstrated over and over that they are not interested in any other views but their own and have declared anyone not on the same page as the enemy.
Shaking hands and parting friends is not what you do during an ideological battle, you know your enemy and you fight them.
The democrats know that and we should to.
I know it's hard for conservatives to turn away from fair mindedness and decency but the enemy of our country abandoned that long ago.

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