Sunday, November 10, 2013

Time for a Tea Party PAC?

I've been reading a lot of articles that are pretty similar to this one lately.

Republican establishment sabotages Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia
WASHINGTON,  November 6, 2013 — Ken Cuccinelli will not be Virginia’s next governor. The Republican ticket failed after being sabotaged by the establishment.
But his race sends a powerful message and it is a message conservatives should pay attention to.
Cuccinelli should have won this race. He should be the governor-elect today.
Why isn’t he?
First, the Republican establishment sent a message to Virginia. The establishment said that if conservatives are not going to pick the establishment’s preordained candidate, in this case it was Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, the establishment is not going to contribute any cash.
Conservatives are always being told that we must support a moderate nominee for party unity. Apparently those rules do not apply to moderates and the establishment. The Republican National Committee spent six million dollars less this year than it did in 2009. Cuccinelli was outspent three to one during most of the campaign and as much as ten to one in the closing days. Contributions by big Republican donors, those who gave more than $1000 in past gubernatorial elections, dropped by two-thirds this year over 2009 and 2005.~snip~
There seems to be this idea among the establishment republicans that a conservative can't win, even though Cuccinelli came awfully close even without their support. Truth is there would be an R governor in Virginia if the RINO party would have bothered to throw their support behind Cuccinelli instead of throwing a snit and taking their ball and going home.
When the RNC tanked the last presidential election and the one before by offering up spineless, milquetoast candidates the first thing they did was try and sell the idea that it was because they weren't more like democrats.
What a bunch of clueless cowards, to think we're supposed to choose the leader of the free world from what these pansy asses offer us.
Which if they have their way the only difference between the parties will be the name.

If real conservatives want to win and get freedom loving, small government candidates into office then the only way to do it is to bypass the RNC and contribute to candidates chosen and supported by conservatives.
The only thing that makes the RNC relevant is their hold over campaign contributions, take that away and they'll be begging to join conservatives instead of us hoping they'll support us.

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