Thursday, July 3, 2014

Romney Rerun?

A friend on facebook pointed me to this article

Politico Commentary: Strong Case for Romney 2016 White House Run
Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney insists he is not running for president for a third time, but a commentary in Politico Magazine argues he would have a reasonably good chance of pulling off the nomination for 2016.
The article was written by Emil Henry, former assistant treasury secretary under President George W. Bush. He campaigned for Romney in 2012.
Even though electoral history would suggest Romney's chances are slim, he has the advantage of being the de facto leader of the Republican Party, while no other candidate stands out in the crowded field of possible contenders, Henry wrote.
In addition, he wrote, Romney would be the only candidate in the last 50 years who wasn't a career politician.
Henry wrote this is relevant because voters' unhappiness with Obama is driven by a perception of incompetence. Romney would provide the desired contrast of someone who has experience from the business world of successfully executing initiatives.~snip~
Romney has indicated that he has no intention of running again, which I'm sure will be truly disappointing to the liberal/commie media because they won't be able to resurrect the knives they used against him in 2011.
But it got me to thinking about what the next republican nominee is going to be facing in 2015, especially if Hillary enters the race.
First the guy will be hobbled by the fact that he will be chosen by the RINO Rovian infested RNC who has already made it plain that Tea Party conservatives need not apply. He'll also be facing another round of the lickspittle media hyperventilating about electing another first.
The party that insipidly screams equality will pull the gender card out of the deck and play it for all it is worth.
The qualifications of either candidate will take a backseat to the constant refrain of shattering the glass ceiling. We run the real risk of electing another unqualified candidate to office for the simple reason of diversity.
I hope this time around most Americans will wise up enough to demand to know what kind of policies they'll be voting for.
Seeing as how most voted for "diversity" the last 2 times.
Because we now know what electing someone with no positions on anything has turned out.

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