Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Liberal Media's Lies and Omissions

A lot of people believe that the despicable way the liberal/commie media distorts the news for their purposes is a relatively new thing. It's not, they have been doing it for at least as long as I've been alive and I remember the late 60's and early 70's and the way the Vietnam war and the troops were portrayed.
This is a great article on what we weren't told by the media.

Why is it that the American people rejected our troops who served in Vietnam? We know all about the protests not only against the war, but against those who served. Why were there no demonstrations of support? Why was there no welcome home parade? What if what we know about Americans’ lack of support for our troops in Vietnam is wrong?
Impressive evidence has been revealed showing what we thought we knew was wrong all along.
The media have a great deal of control over the events that we think about. We only know about current events that get reported. When events are omitted from the record, history is effectively changed. In the early 1970s we had only three national TV networks and a few newspapers that had a national reach. Today, the Internet is making it harder for important events to ignored. We can now read news from a vast number of outlets, both major and minor, from around the world.
The Internet is also permitting the collection and dissemination of historical material that was largely ignored outside of the local media during the Vietnam War. Americans’ patriotism did not wane during Vietnam, it was simply not widely reported. This collection of our forgotten history can be found at a new website sponsored by NCRP, the National Committee for Responsible Patriotism, a group that has been around for many years but more recently has been forgotten.~snip~
The biased progressive /liberal media picks and chooses the stories they report on nationally in order to deceive people into believing their side of a story. Like the near deification of Obama or a war on woman, support for gay marriage, rampant racism, class envy,illegal immigration. If their position can be distorted and presented as truth they will do it.
Unfortunately too many Americans, until recently, only had limited resources to find the truth.
Now with the internet and it's multitude of alternative news sources it's possible for people to see the lies and distortions of the biased media, they no longer have a monopoly.
Hopefully that will be enough to embarrass the media into becoming an unbiased source and not the propaganda arm of the democrat party.
Or they'll be relegated to the status of super market tabloids....where they belong.

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