Thursday, July 10, 2014

What liberals ignore 'about the children' and immigration

When it comes to the flood of illegal immigrant children coming across the border and overwhelming the agencies trying to help them there is an abundance of hand wringing and demands for compassion.
 There's not a lot of that when it comes to the rising death toll that occurs when people who are ill equipped or weakened by disease expire in the heat of the desert.

For the last two years, Professor Lori Baker of Baylor University has been lending her expertise to helping identify the bodies of those who tried and failed to sneak into our country through the forbidden landscape at our southern border.
But this year, she is seeing something different. Professor Baker told Waco's KXXV TV that they have been seeing the bodies of children more often this year. "I think it's something right now where we're in a crisis," Baker told the TV news. "Now with the number of immigrants coming and the number of children, it's a disastrous situation."
The job is a complicated and often fruitless one, as the professor and her students have to work with multiple agencies in multiple countries. These multiple languages, various bureaucracies, and sometimes even distrust between nations complicate her job.~snip~
I really haven't seen a whole of reporting on the senseless loss of life that occurs because of the constant open border advocacy by liberal/progressives, Obama and the democrats. Republicans aren't blameless either but democrats can minimize this loss of life by closing the borders and to stop encouraging illegals, especially children, to make the journey in the hopes of fading away into the country.
There just doesn't seem to be the same level of compassion from liberal/progressives for the children who die and their bodies are left alone in the desert to be picked apart by scavengers.
This hypocrisy shouldn't be much of a surprise. Anyone who's been paying attention knows that liberal/progressives care about no one. Not gays,not minorities, not women and certainly not children.
All they care about is advancing their agenda, which is to turn the United States into their twisted version of socialist nanny state.

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