Monday, October 6, 2014

The Media and a River in Egypt

I gotta tell you that that the reason I haven't been blogging for the last few weeks is because I've been dumbstruck about some of the news I've been reading.
Especially when it comes to the introduction of various diseases pouring across our borders due to the deliberate malfeasance of Obama's government.  
You know, the one that thinks it's OK to use the IRS as a tool to suppress dissent from the opposition.

Thinking about it though I'm really not surprised because the precedent has already been set in the early stages of the AIDS "epidemic" where a communicable disease went from a health issue to "homophobia" in nothing flat. The hope being that those who were adamant about not having to change their lifestyle would allow it to permeate into society instead of just the slightly less than 2% of the population affected by it.
Funny thing is still after all these years the highest incidence of infections still persist in that less than 2% population.
But making AIDS a political issue as opposed  to a health issue was effective at least as far as finding treatments so people could live with the virus along with full bore research into a preventative vaccine or cure.

That's why discussions about the Entarovirus 68 or Ebola have gone from health issues to racism in short order.
No matter who it kills.

So I can't help thinking that allowing these immigrants in, legal or otherwise, and then dispensing them around the country is a deliberate and calculated move by the progressive left and why the liberal/commie media avoids the subject of where these diseases originate from.
The sole purpose is to galvanize the American public to demand that these ailments be cured in some way, or anything else to be done aside from closing our borders and restricting travel from areas infected with these health hazards.
It's the only way they feel they can force us to deal with diseases that have never been in this country before, to import them and then scare us into believing that the only thing that can save us is government funded research.

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