Monday, October 6, 2014

What does Ebola and the Zombie Apocalypse have in common?

The comparison may be a bit of a stretch by stay with me for a minute.
Anyone familiar with the zombie apocalypse genre knows that survivors are pretty much on their own as zombies over run the world.
In every book,movie and television show out there the governments fail to anticipate, plan for or develop strategies to protect anyone from the coming zombie plague.
Including themselves.
What governments essentially become is what they are right now, incompetent.

So the current bumbling around by the federal government and it's agencies to contain the Ebola virus in the United States shouldn't be any surprise. Especially considering who's in charge.
Every fiction writer in the world got it right and the majority of people who become fans of apocalyptic fiction have no problem believing it.
Because they know, like everyone else, that a huge megalithic, bureaucracy is too big and ponderous to move quickly enough to avoid disaster. Then you add partisan politics to it and the gridlock virtually assures zombie domination.

If no one really expects government to protect them from a zombie apocalypse then why would we expect them to protect us from  Ebola or  Enterovirus D68?
The situation is probably iffy either way but a smaller government with less red tape and a real leader in charge may be able to move quickly enough to prevent a disaster.
But a smaller government with less reach into our lives  appears to be fictional also.

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