Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Unhappiness that divides us all

I ran across this article on Front Page Magazine today and found a lot of great points.

The Left’s Religion of Unhappiness
If the left sees anyone being happy, it must immediately set out to ruin the fun. The simple joy of others turns out to be only a cover for monstrous abuses that they are determined to make everyone else see. If it’s an object, it was made by oppressed workers. If it’s a social group, it’s discriminatory. If it’s food, it makes you sick. If it’s a sport, it’s abusive. If it’s art, then it’s escapism from the misery the left creates.
To be of the left is to confuse perpetual outrage with righteousness. The professional leftist believes that the path to utopia on earth lies in constantly denouncing thought criminals until they have all been unthought so that only their kind of ethical and empathetic people walk the earth.
Like most utopians, they plan for a utopia that they could never actually live in.
The only quibble I have with it is it seems the author kind of chalks up the lefts unhappiness and hatred for anything hinting at satisfaction to be more of a character flaw or hiccup in the leftist personality.
Most likely there are those but I believe it to be deeper and of a more insidious nature.
The quest for power, unadulterated and unchallenged raw power to bend society to their will.

At one time even democrats did things to unite us, like during WWII Roosevelt and Truman united the country to win the war. Even JFK, as flawed as he was, united the country to go to the moon by appealing to the "can do" attitudes and educational, industrial know how of Americans.
Most Americans felt fairly good about their lot in life until Jimmy Carter.
After 4 years of the peanut farmer people got pretty fed up and elected Ronald Reagan and that's when the the liberals switched to grievance and the whining started.
Liberals found that by dividing us by sex, race ,religion income and finding or making up things to be aggrieved about galvanized certain sectors of the population.
That gave us Billy "BJ" Clinton who kind of got serious about things in his second term.
Liberal grievance wasn't enough to give us Al Gore but we still ended up with a "kinder,gentler" republican in GWB.

With Obama the liberal/democrats are in full divider mode and that's where we find ourselves now.
A nation divided by professionals who hope to keep that simmering pot they've stirred hot.
It's all a manipulation and too many people keep falling for it.

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