Tuesday, June 2, 2015

IRS Fast Tracks Pot Church

Want to start a political non-profit,especially if it;s considered "right-wing",then prepare for an IRS inquisition.
If you consider marijuana a sacrament then not so much,

Marijuana church given tax-exempt status in Indiana: ‘Somebody at the IRS loves us
’The IRS has incorporated an Indianapolis marijuana-smoking church as a tax-exempt religious organization. 
Bill Levin, founder of the First Church of Cannabis in Indianapolis, was notified of the approval last week, which will now allow donors to deduct contributions on their taxes, the CNHI Indiana Statehouse Bureau reported Saturday. IRS documents provided by Mr. Levin confirmed the agency’s approval, CNHI said. 
“Somebody at the IRS loves us because we got it back in less than 30 days,” Mr. Levin told Tax Analysts’ David van den Berg.~snip~
Less than 30 days in a state that using marijuana is still illegal.
It seems that the IRS considers pot-heads an important constituency for Obama and the democrats so obviously they need that tax-exempt status PDQ.

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