Monday, June 15, 2015

Why Christianity and Morality Matters

I laughed out loud when I read this article.

TV News Reporters Speak Out About Explosion of Explicit On-the-Street Taunts
It’s not a new problem, but it’s one that by most accounts is getting worse.
A growing number of TV news reporters say over the past year, there has been an increase in the level of sexually explicit taunts they face while covering stories on public streets. The disturbing trend involves hecklers running up and yelling, “F–k her right in the pu–y” into microphones as reporters stand in front of the camera.
“The acronym ‘F her in the P’ is constant,” NBC4 Southern California reporter Beverly White told TheWrap. “Total strangers, typically young men, shout that profanity like they have a right, and I beg to differ. It is deeply offensive and it’s infuriating.”
The obscene interruptions started to gain notoriety in May 2014. The first known incident was initially thought to have been said by a heckler during a live broadcast in Cincinnati, Ohio. The footage went viral, but the stunt turned out to be a hoax. Still, the copycat incidents are all too real.~snip~
The liberal media has spent decades tearing down barriers to morality and marginalizing Christianity and now they're calling foul on the society they created.
I'm old enough to remember when people had more respect for others than to shout this kind of obscenity at others. Especially when women were around.
Mostly because there was a line that most wouldn't cross and if anyone did their peers would express their disapproval.
I mean I could imagine moral people or Christian youths maybe mugging at a camera or waving their arms behind them but uttering something like this wouldn't even be considered.
But now that the liberal/commie media has marginalized good character or a belief system that encourages good citizenship they're upset over the monster that they have created.

The medias disconnect from the consequences of their own actions is amazing.

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