Monday, August 20, 2012

Look!! Another Squirrel!!

So this week we have another idiotic sound bite by another politician. The really news worthy thing was that it wasn't Joe "put ya all in chains" Biden making the moron hit parade.
It was Todd Akin from Missouri.
And of course his remarks have generated a much deserved backlash
Rep. Akin resists mounting calls to withdraw from Senate race after 'rape' comment

The Obamessiah has even jumped into the fray denouncing Akins remarks, as they should be. But herein lies the problem.
Obama has time and uses the press to denounce someone in a single senate race but doesn't seem to have the time or resources to address unemployment, the lack of a budget, rising gas prices, the sky rocketing deficit or any of the other problems that face the people of this nation.
This is just an excuse for Obama to talk about anything else but his piss poor record in office.
Were Rep. Akins remarks stupid and should he be held accountable?
Yes and yes.
The question is should Obama spend his time calling out some GOP senate wannabe from Missouri?
The media, old and new, will make sure Akin's remarks will get a full airing to his constituents and they will decide by ballot.

Obama needs to stop with the distractions and face accountability for his actions and policies over the last 4 years.
Fat chance of that happening.

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