Friday, August 24, 2012

Faux Outrage of the Week

Further demonstrating that:

  1.  liberals have no sense of humor.
  2.  The lick-spittle liberal media will latch onto anything to avoid talking about Obama's record.
One look at the links on memeorandum from today shows all kinds of links reporting on and some showing outrage over the funny.
Twitchy documents the unhinged response from the dinosaur media on twitter.
I guess it's to be expected, back when this question first came up during the 2008 election, I found myself in an online discussion with some friends about the possibility. The way I felt about it and still do is that it doesn't matter if it was true because the liberal media here would never allow it to have legs.

Now am I saying there is a conspiracy with in the media to hide Obama's foreign birth?
Absolutely not, what I am saying is that the media will do everything they can to keep Obama in the White House up to and including covering up any and all violations of the constitution or election law.
It's no secret the liberal media is in the tank for Obama and have continued to violate their journalistic integrity in an attempt to keep him where he is.

That's why Romney's little joke made such a big whoop today, it's become another inflated news story for the media to report on instead of covering Romney/Ryan's ideas to create jobs and lower the deficit.
Obama doesn't have a plan to counter with so the only thing they can do is distort and distract.
In the mean time more people become unemployed, the federal debt rises and the economy stays flat.

We deserve better from the media in this country......we deserve to hear and see the unbiased truth.

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