Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Free Tampons Cause.....Feminism!!!

Years ago I read Alan Sherman's book "the Rape of the A*P*E" and in it he related the story of sanitary napkins.
In the book he said that nurses from WWII had used absorbent bandages that were originally designed for wounds and later on after the war a few companies offered a version designed and made specifically for women to use.
However because of the social stigma they didn't sell very well until businesses started displaying them just about everywhere. Then they took off.

Any way that's the way I remember the story from the book.
But there is no stigma any more.

The Kotex Lobby: Feminist, Liberal Media Demand ‘Free Tampons’ For All
It’s the terminus point of modern feminism: make the deeply personal very publicly political, and get someone else to pay for it! If one man is keeping you in the style to which you’re accustomed, you’re a kept woman – perhaps even [shudder] a stay-at-home mom. But if your sugar is funneled from thousands of hapless tax payers through a legion of faceless bureaucrats, you’re  a tower of feminist self-determination.  Fight the power, sisters! Demand government tampons!
Last week, Jessica Valenti (Feministing founder, NARAL director and Planned Parenthood heroine) asked via Twitter, “Anyone know a country where tampons are free or somehow subsidized?” The question sparked an obnoxious social media backlash, which, in turn, sparked an obnoxious retort by Valenti in her column for The Guardian: “The case for free tampons.” The liberal media, from Cosmo to TIME, followed suit with the “compelling argument” and “great idea.”
“The high cost of a product that half the population needs multiple times a day, every month for approximately 30 years,” Valenti began in her August 11 piece, “is simply, well, bullshit.”~snip~
I would suppose that this is just the natural progression from government subsidized birth control and abortion on demand.
It's kind of a creepy pattern if you think about it, the argument of cost and necessity being the qualifier for free access can extend to many things.This is modern feminism and by extension progressivism/liberalism.
Anything deemed necessary provided by the state.
At one time when we had a thriving and robust economy these kinds of issues were never even conceived of but now, in this era of liberal/progressive policies and Obamanomics the search for ever expanding entitlements pushes forward.
It would be kind of fitting though, if Obama actually moved forward on this he would could finally be called the "tampon president" adding another name to his growing shameful legacy. Now that there isn't any stigma attached to it anymore.  

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