Thursday, August 21, 2014

Recycling Jimmy Carter

Sometimes I think that whatever Obama is paying his advisers it's obviously to much.
The parallels between Obama and Jimmy Carter become more appaernt every day.

Jimmy Carter was a do nothing president who's foreign policy was basically "hands off" whatever will be will be.
He stood by and watched the Iranian revolution unfold allowing 52 U.S. diplomats to be held as hostages in Iran.
That was after he sat back and did nothing to temper run away inflation, unemployment and rising energy costs to cripple this country.
Towards the end of his first term in office he finally ordered the U.S. military to attempt a rescue of the Iranian hostages to try and bolster his sagging poll numbers because he knew the American public was getting tired of the "malaise" he inflicted on us.
Like everything else the peanut farmer touched it was a disaster.

Now after the beheading of an American reporter,James Foley, it comes out that Obama ordered a rescue operation to liberate him and other hostages.
It failed.
Obviously Obama's advisers don't pay much attention to history. Comparing these two "rescue" operations is a no brainer and just confirms the notion that Obama is at least as bad if not worse than Jimmy Carter. The sad part is that it only took one term to realize what a failure Carter was, we have to suffer through 2 terms to get it about Obama.

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