Thursday, August 7, 2014

The March to Oblivion

There are all kinds of stories on the internet telling the story of the absolute depravity and cruelty of ISIS in their unimpeded march across Iraq. The slaughter of the Yazidis on mount Sinjar only being the latest.
While liberal/progressives wring their hands and bleat about the Palestinians and beat their chests over the lack of "compassion" for illegal immigrant unaccompanied minors 30,000 to 40,000 Yazidis cling to a mountain facing death if they stay where they are or descend into the hands ISIS to be butchered or sold into slavery.
All we get from this president and his administration is just more incompetence and malfeasance.

We haven't really won a fighting war since WWII and even then we gave up most of eastern Europe at the Malta conference. Korea was fought to a stand still, Kennedy's promise at the Bay of Pigs went unfulfilled and resulted in a slaughter. Johnson and McNamara continued to draft and send men to Vietnam even though they had no desire to win the war. Jimmy Carter sent numerous "strongly worded" messages to the Mullahs of Iran that were promptly laughed at. Obama stands by while Hamas pounds Israel with rockets and ISIS marches through Iraq raping, beheading and killing at will. The one thing in common with all of these is that they're democrats.

Even if our air support comes to help the Kurd s push back against the IS it's to late for history to look kindly on the dithering of Obama and his cronies who failed to try and stop the genocides that the Islamist extremists are committing in Iraq.
Obama's answer to everything, domestic and foreign, is to stand by and do nothing.

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