Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tin Foil Hat Alert?....Maybe Not

Normally I try and stay away from conspiracy type stuff because the record hasn't been really that good. But with the current Washington, DC inhabitants and administration incompetence and malfeasance seems to be the words of the day.

It seems that today a patient has been transferred from West Africa with a virus that has never before existed in this country with another one to follow.

Mary Katherine Hamm pretty much breaks down why this should be a concern for all of us.

Ebola: First case coming to America

She deftly points out the failures of the CDC and other agencies who were/are in charge of other infectious diseases that were apparently in their lost and found departments.
Mostly lost and just recently found. Feeling safer about Ebola yet?

I feel bad for these people and hope they can be helped but it would have been just as easy to send medicines, equipment and personnel to West Africa than to bring a virus that doesn't exist on this continent here.

But then again what do you expect from a government that allows tens of thousands of children into our country with various contagious health issues and then scatters them across the country?

As in everything liberal/progressives do there is rarely any consideration to the long term effects of their knee jerk reactions when considering sympathy or compassion.

But then again you have to put on the tinfoil hat and wonder if this is the their diabolical end game, to reduce the United States to a third world shithole.

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