Friday, November 7, 2014

A Little Cold Water

While everybody is patting themselves on the back over the Republicans big win this Tuesday lets not forget our RINO problem.

Arizona insiders: McCain’s already decided to run for Senate again in 2016, will announce early next year
Supposedly ol’ Mav himself told the AP yesterday that it’s “very likely” he’ll run but I can’t find that quote in the actual video. Fun fact, though: When the clip was first posted last night, some outfits like Yahoo News titled it, “McCain: ‘Very Likely’ Will Run for President in 2016.” I knew it was a mistake, of course, but for one soaring moment I thought I might have something even better than another Mitt Romney candidacy with which to troll the Hot Air faithful. Ah well. The headline’s corrected now.
For now, for the record, he’s merely “leaning towards” running.~snip~
Half the battle is throwing the liberal/commie democrats out, the other half is pitching out the RINO "mavericks".

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