Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Justice in Ferguson

Here's a pretty sobering perspective on the lawlessness in Ferguson,Mo.
A perspective that will fall on deaf ears.

Justice Was Served in Ferguson—This Isn’t Jim Crow America
“Civil rights” figures decided long ago that the only fair outcome would be indictment. But that was driven by ideology, not facts. 
The day of reckoning has arrived not just in Ferguson, Missouri but also across America. For some, the grand jury proceedings to determine whether the shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer was justified was never about seeking justice. As widely anticipated in the media, the jury of nine whites and three blacks elected not to indict based on the evidence before them. Sadly, hundreds if not thousands of individuals descended upon this small St. Louis suburb to agitate for an outcome based on their ideology rather than the facts under consideration by the grand jury. 
Even though the grand jury elected not to find Officer Darren Wilson responsible for the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown, I sadly never believed that the gathering protesters gathered in Ferguson were seeking justice or a peaceful resolution to the case, which has roiled race relations in America to levels I haven’t seen in decades.~snip~
I think it's fairly plain for everyone to see that the violence and destruction of property was instigated by the professional agitators advancing their own agenda without giving one wit for "social justice".

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