Friday, November 14, 2014

Old Bigots vs Young Bigots

I ran across this story today on my Facebook timeline.

Cashier tells mom she should have aborted her Down syndrome son, mom’s response is legendary
A mom who we only know by her blogger name Sherry wrote about how she was out with her son who has Down syndrome and a cashier implies she should have had an abortion.
Sherry has a two-year-old son named Gave whom she loves dearly, so when someone says something so horrible it’s almost hard to know how to respond. I thought Sherry handled herself with class while getting a very important message across.~snip~
It got me thinking some, I mean I can't ever think of a time when someone would try and shame someone for the choice of having a disabled child. I mean in the considerable number of decades I've spent on the earth I've heard people say some hurtful things about the disabled.
But it was never out of malice as much as it was ignorance.
But it kind of seems that there is a particular disdain for children with downs syndrome. Mostly because there is a test for it and a lot of people automatically assume that if their baby tested positive in the womb then obviously it should have been aborted.
That is the belief of the pro-abortion crowd.
Eugenics is alive and well with the liberal baby killing crowd, in their minds there's no better way to improve the human condition than to eliminate the defective in the womb.
There are places in the world where testing as female will get the same procedure...but I digress.

A few days ago I read a comment someone made at another site, I don't have the link....I wish I did.
But the comment went something like this:
How do we know abortion is still legal?
Because we still haven't found a "gay" gene.
So consider a mother in a grocery store with her obviously homosexual son or daughter being asked by a cashier whether she was aware that they could test for homosexuality and she could have had the option to abort?
But of course I'm just an old bigot and not as good or as wise as a young bigot.

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