Monday, October 19, 2015

Income Equality BS

The democrat party couldn't exist without constant crisis. It's how they whip up their base.
Actually all politicians are guilty of it.
The immigration crisis, the "gay" marriage crisis, the "war on women crisis, the rape culture crisis and so on.
Only one candidate constantly puts out the theme that he wants America to become great again economically and that's not crisis talk. It's just positivity amongst all the crisis.

Of course income inequality is supposed to be another crisis.......or is it really?
Or just another manufactured crisis to whip up the liberal/democrat base?

Wealth inequality isn’t a ‘crisis’ — and voters know it
Inequality is the defining challenge of our time, President Obama says. “There’s too much inequality,” Hillary Clinton said in the debate Tuesday night. And the United States, Bernie Sanders noted at the same event, has more wealth and income inequality than any other country.

Inequality certainly is a symptom of a persistent underlying condition: It may be the leading cause of bulls–t in America today. To put it simply, there is no inequality crisis.

Sanders, the Grandpa Simpson of economics, has been repeating the nonsense about the US leading the way in inequality for months even though reported his claims were bogus back in May.
The US is only 42nd (out of 117 countries measured) in income inequality, according to the World Bank. We’re only 16th when it comes to the wealth held by the top 1%.

Inequality is to some extent a residual effect of success: If there weren’t any billionaires or millionaires, inequality would be vastly diminished.

America attracts and breeds success so brilliantly that we nearly beat the rest of the world combined in some respects: 42% of the world’s millionaires are Americans, and 49% of those with $50 million or more in assets.
The American tendency to respect, and expect, success runs counter to the progressive plan to tax it away. Not only does constant chatter about inequality tend to make Americans more supportive of free enterprise, but it also leads to a blanket suspicion about what the regulatory and taxation elves really mean to do.~snip~
Most voters do know that it's BS but the liberal base eats it up. The majority of voters want too see more jobs created. They know then that income inequality will take care of itself.

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