Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rumours? Jeb to drop from Race

This is kind of unconfirmed but to tell you the truth I've been hard pressed to find anyone online who really supports the Hispandering Jeb Bush.

DEVELOPING: Amidst insults to GOP voters JEB to drop out Monday
Jeb Bush is to drop out Monday according to political insiders and leaked memos from top aids to Jeb’s campaign team disclosed to the press this evening.

Jeb is in huge trouble as he has lost coveted ground to Marco Rubio, and the GOP nomination is all but assured for Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump’s surge in the polls took many for surprise, and he is still growing more powerful by the day.~snip~
 I'm sure he's a nice guy but the last thing we need is another spineless squishy RINO.

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