Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jersey Devil?

Now that we're in October and Halloween is on everyone's mind it's time to start contemplating the spooky and weird.

Is the Jersey Devil in Galloway Township? | Paranormal Corner
For more than 200 years, people living in or passing through New Jersey's Pinelands have reported seeing a strange, winged creature that has come to be known as the Jersey Devil.

There are tons of stories about the monster, and thousands of witnesses who claim they have encountered it.

Late Tuesday night, I received an email from a reader who recently became one of those witnesses.

Dave Black of Little Egg Harbor Township was driving home from his security guard job in Atlantic City when he saw what he thought was a llama running in and out of the trees lining the road.

"I was just driving past the golf course in Galloway on Route 9 and had to shake my head a few times when I thought I saw a llama," he wrote in his email.

What happened next is the bizarre part.

"If that wasn't enough, then it spread out leathery wings and flew off over the golf course." ~snip~
I always take these kinds of things with a grain of salt but the question I always have to ask is why are all the "supernatural" or "UFO" videos always of poor resolution or slightly out of focus or, like this one, dark with poor contrast?
Come on people let's brush up on those photo skills huh?

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